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Map of accessible trails and amenities.


The Riverside Trail is a fully accessible 1.5 mile loop that begins at the picnic grounds. It is self-guided with interpretive signs located along the trail. There are rest areas along the trail at approximately every 900 feet, and some of the rest areas have benches.

Trail specifics


1.5 miles


Max grade 7% and 2% cross slope.
A standard wheelchair ramp is 8%.
Steepest trail section is on the lakeside of the trail. This section is no longer than 300 feet long.


3-10 feet


Accessible aggregate

Interpretion signs:

Fully accessible signs, low to the ground with large print.


Visitor Center

  • Generally accessible
  • Open all year
  • The restroom door may make it difficult to maneuver with a wheelchair
  • Restroom stall is wider with grab bars

Picnic area

  • Flush toilets: Generally accessible; open during the summer
  • Vault toilet: Generally accessible; open all year


  • Fully accessible
  • Flush toilets in campground can be accessed from Riverside Trail

Swimming beach

  • Flush toilets: Generally accessible; open during the summer
  • Vault toilets: Generally accessible; open all year


Parking at picnic area

  • Generally accessible
  • Includes upright signs
  • No paved path from parking lot to building; must cross lawn


Picnic shelter

  • Generally accessible
  • Must cross lawn to access accessible open shelter
  • No fully accessible picnic tables


Water fountains

  • Fully accessible
  • Located near amphitheater, in Visitor Center, Park Office, and campground.
  • No hand pumps are in this park.


Accessible points of interest within the park

  • Fishing pier: Fully accessible
  • Amphitheater: Fully accessible