Pesticide use laws

Pesticide use must adhere to State of Minnesota statutes regarding pesticide control. See the Minnesota State Revisor website for statue text on pesticide control.

To clarify the language in the pesticide control statutes, Governor Ventura signed into law in 2002 limits on human exposure. Treatments for gypsy moth, forest tent caterpillar, and other pests as determined by the commissioner of agriculture can be treated with biological control methods after area residents have been properly notified. For details on notification procedures, see the Minnesota State Revisor website for the statute text: 18B.07 Pesticide use, application, and equipment cleaning.

As before, lakeshore and neighborhood associations wishing to treat for forest tent caterpillars should check with their local units of government to make sure they are complying with state and local regulations. All pesticide use needs to be in full compliance with labeled rates and instructions.