Trout streams

Minnesota trout streams

Minnesota has 687 designated trout streams, totaling 3,782 miles. Another 1,923 designated trout stream tributaries add 2,715 miles of streams.

Most streams are in the southeast and northeast. But there are trout streams as far to the southwest as Windom and as far to the northwest as Park Rapids.

The public has access to more than 900 angling easements on Minnesota's trout streams, giving them more than 557 miles of shoreline where they can fish. These permanent easements also provide access for habitat restoration and enhancement work.

Stream designations changing, names to be corrected

To properly protect and manage fish communities in Minnesota's trout streams, DNR has proposed changes to its list of designated trout streams. The first change will add or remove trout stream designations. A second, concurrent change will correct errors to clarify which streams have trout designations but will not change how those streams are managed.