2022 campground host locations

Ready to sign up? Fill out a campground host application. Applications must be received at least 30 days before the date you want to begin volunteering.

Open - host is neededE - electricity at host site
Full - host position is filledW - water available at host site
Tour - virtual tour of the areaS - recreational vehicle (RV) sewer hook-up at host site
Host site - site location on map 
Location / Virtual TourE/W/Shost site # / campground mapAprMayJunJulAugSepOct
Banning State Park (tour)ECH1E / mapfullfullfullfullfullfullfull
Bear Head Lake State Park (tour)Emap  fullfullfullfull 
Beaver Creek Valley State Park (tour)E14E / map fullfullfullfullfull 
Big Bog SRA (tour)E30E / map fullfullopenopenopen 
Big Stone Lake State Park (tour)E19E / map full fullfullfullfullfull
Birch Lakes State ForestE/W/SBirch Lakesmap fullfullfullfullfull 
Blue Mounds State Park (tour)E23E / map fullfullfullfullopenopen
Bowstring State Forest Moose Lake / map fullopenopenopenfull 
Bowstring State Forest Cottonwood Lake / map fullopenopenopenfull 
Buffalo River State Park (tour)ECH8E / map openfullfullfullfull 
Camden State Park (tour)E/WCH55 / Upper openopenfullopenopenopen
Camden State Park (tour)ECH14 / Lower openopenopenfullopenopen
Cascade River State Park (tour)ECH18 / map fullfullfullfullfullopen
Charles A. Lindbergh State Park (tour)E14 / map fullfullopenopen  
Crow Wing State ForestEGreer Lake / map openopenopenopenopenopen
Crow Wing State Park (tour)Emap openfullfullfullfull 
Cuyuna Country SRA (tour)E/S2E / map fullfullfullfullfull 
Father Hennepin State Park (tour)E/W/SCH51 / map fullfullfullfullfullfull
Flandrau State Park (tour)E33E / mapfullfullfullopenfullfullopen
Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park (tour)ECH51E / mapopenopenfullopenfullfullfull
Fort Ridgely State Park (tour)ECH25 / map openfullfullfullopenopen
Fort Ridgely State Park (tour)E/WH2E / horse camp openopenopenopenopenopen
Frontenac State Park (tour)E1E / map fullfullfullfullfullfull
General C.C. Andrews State Forest Willow River / map  fullfullfullfull 
George Washington State Forest Bear Lake / map openopenopenopenopen 
George Washington State Forest Buttonbox / map fullfullfullfullfull 
George Washington State Forest Larson Lake / map fullfullfullfullfull 
George Washington State Forest Lost Lake / map openfullfullfullopen 
George Washington State Forest Owen Lake / map openopenopenopenopen 
George Washington State Forest Thistledew / map fullfullfullfullfull 
George Washington State Forest Togo horse camp / map openopenopenopenopen 
Glacial Lakes State Park (tour)ECH03 / map fullfullfullfullfull 
Glendalough State Park (tour)ECart-in site map fullfullfullfullfull 
Gooseberry Falls State Park (tour)ECH57 / map fullfullfullfullfullopen
Great River Bluffs State Park (tour)E6E / map       
Hayes Lake State Park (tour)ECH19 / map openopenopenopenopen 
Interstate State Park (tour)ECH7E / mapfullfullfullfullfullfullopen
Itasca State Park (tour)E/W22E / Bear Paw fullfullfullfull  
Itasca State Park (tour)E/W141E / Pine Ridge fullfullfullfullfullfull
Jay Cooke State Park (tour)ECH3E / map fullfullfullfullfullfull
Judge C.R. Magney State Park (tour) CH1 / map  fullfullfullfullfull
Kabetogama State ForestEWakemup Bay / map fullfullfullfullfull 
Kabetogama State ForestEWoodenfrog / map fullfullfullfullopen 
Kilen Woods State Park (tour)E27 / map fullfullfullfullfull 
La Salle Lake SRA (tour)E/W/SCH11 / map fullfullfullopenopen 
Lac qui Parle State Park (tour)E/W/SCH21 / Upper fullfullfullfullfullfull
Lake Bemidji State Park (tour)E/W49E / map fullfullfullfullfull 
Lake Bronson State Park (tour)ECH10 / Lakeside openopenopenopenopen 
Lake Bronson State Park (tour)EH158 / Two Rivers  openopenopen  
Lake Carlos State Park (tour)ECH77 / Lower fullfullfullfullfullfull
Lake Carlos State Park (tour)ECH34 / Upper fullfullfullfullfullfull
Lake Louise State Park (tour)ECH20 / map openfullfullfullopenopen
Lake Shetek State Park (tour)E/W/SCH17 / map fullfullfullfullfullopen
Lake Vermilion - Soudan Underground
Mine State Park
E/W/SC300 / map fullfullfullfullfullfull
Land O' Lakes State ForestE/W/SClint Converse / map fullfullfullopenopen 
Maplewood State Park (tour)E/W/Smap fullfullfullfullfull 
McCarthy Beach State Park (tour) B2 / Beatrice Lake fullfullfullfullfull 
McCarthy Beach State Park (tour)ECH18 / Side Lake fullfullfullfullfull 
Mille Lacs Kathio State Park (tour)ECH33 / map fullfullfullfullfullfull
Minneopa State Park (tour)EA32E / map fullfullfullfullfullfull
Monson Lake State Park (tour)ECH19 / map openfullfullopenopen 
Moose Lake State Park (tour)ECH17 / map openfullfullfullfull 
Myre-Big Island State Park (tour)ECH5E / Big Island fullfullopenfullfullfull
Myre-Big Island State Park (tour)ECH37 / White Fox fullopenopenfullfullfull
Nerstrand-Big Woods State Park (tour)E/W/SCH45 / map fullfullfullopenfullfull
Old Mill State Park (tour)E/W5 / map  openopenfull  
Paul Bunyan State ForestE/WMantrap Lake / map openopenfullfullopenopen
Pillsbury State Forest Rock Lake / map openopenopenopenopen 
Red River SRA (tour)E/W/SCH94 / map fullfullfullfullfullopen
Rice Lake State Park (tour)EB1E / mapopenfullfullfullfullfullfull
Richard J. Dorer Memorial
Hardwood State Forest
 Kruger / map  openopenopen  
Richard J. Dorer Memorial
Hardwood State Forest
EZumbro Bottoms / map openopenopenopenopenopen
St. Croix State Park (tour)ECH2E / Riverview fullfullfullfullfull 
Sakatah Lake State Park (tour)E33 / map openfullfullfullfullfull
Sand Dunes State ForestE/W/SAnn Lake / map fullfullfullfullfullfull
Savanna Portage State Park (tour)ECH31 / map  fullfullfullfullfull
Scenic State Park (tour)E/WCH68 / map       
Schoolcraft State Park (tour) CH22 / map fullopenfullopenfull 
Sibley State Park (tour)EOF2 / Lakeview openfullfullfullfullfull
Sibley State Park (tour)E100 / Oak Ridge openfullfullfullfullfull
Split Rock Creek State Park (tour)E/W/SCH7E / map fullfullfullfullfullfull
Split Rock Lighthouse (tour)E/W/S101  fullfullfullfullfullfull
Temperance River State Park (tour)ECH38 / map openfullopenfullfullfull
Tettegouche State Park (tour)ECH34 / map fullfullfullfullfullfull
Upper Sioux Agency State Park (tour)E/WCH16 / Yellow Medicine River fullfullfullfullfullfull
Upper Sioux Agency State Park (tour) CH21 / Horse camp
(Multiple host sites available)
Whitewater State Park (tour)E/W/S228E / mapfullfullfullfullfullfullfull
Wild River State Park (tour)ECH59 / map fullfullfullfullfullfull
William O'Brien State Park (tour)E28E / Riverway fullfullfullfullfullfull
William O'Brien State Park (tour)E74E / Savannaopenfullfullfullfullfullfull

Grid updated July 22, 2022