Geophysics map server

Geographical Database of Seismic Refraction and Resistivity Imaging Data

Seismic refraction and resistivity imaging line locations with links to interpreted data.

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The MapServer: Geophysics Data Access shows a map plot of seismic refraction and resistivity imaging data collected by DNR Waters. The final interpretation for each line can be viewed by selecting the query button and then clicking on the map near the target line. The query button will show up at large scales where individual lines are large enough to differentiate from one another.

The seismic refraction lines usually show the ground surface, the interpreted top of the water table and first bedrock unit. In some cases, intermediate glacial horizons (both saturated and unsaturated) are present. The resistivity imaging lines show interpreted resistivity values along each line versus depth. The UTM coordinates of the center of each line are displayed underneath the graph of both seismic and resistivity lines.