Groundwater Maps and Studies


Products include maps and interpretive reports of geology, groundwater, pollution sensitivity, and special studies. Many provide separate GIS files and water chemistry information.

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County Geologic and Groundwater Atlases (CGA)

County by county geologic and groundwater information.

Part A: Geologic studies include surficial deposits and bedrock.

Part B: Groundwater studies include flow systems, aquifers, groundwater chemistry, and sensitivity to pollution.

Early atlases were not split into two parts.

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Minnesota Hydrogeology Atlas (MHA)

Extends maps, reports, and data originally published in the CGA program to new statewide coverage.

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Regional Hydrogeologic Assessment (RHA)

Larger areas (typically 4-9 counties) covered in less detail than a County Geologic Atlas.

These older assessments will be replaced by the County Geologic Atlases as they are completed.

Springs, Springsheds, and Karst

Definitions, Minnesota Spring Inventory, Springshed Mapping, Dye Trace Reports, Karst report and KFD information


Special Studies


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