Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program - Funded Projects

Coastal Economic Activities and Analysis


306-02-08: Wind Resource Development in the MN Coastal Zone

A three-step proposal is aimed at the environmentally and socially sustainable economic development of the MN Coastal Zone's wind resource.

  1. Measure average annual wind speeds at 20 different sites distributed throughout the entire four county area.
  2. Extrapolate these site-specific measurements to generate several wind resource maps for the entire MN Coastal Zone area.
  3. Work with partners from Duluth, Silver Bay, Split Rock State Park and Grand Portage to conduct an economic feasibility analysis using site-specific wind data.

This economic analysis will quantify the costs and benefits associated with a specific wind development project, and compare them with the conventional fossil fuel based alternative. It will also quantify the positive local economic development impacts associated with community-scale wind development. This project will provide the necessary information and incentive for communities throughout the MN Coastal Zone interested in capturing the economic development potential associated with their local wind resource.