Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program - Funded Projects

Coastal Outreach and Education


306-STAR07-11: Wetland Delineation Training

Cook County SWCD's District Manager to take the 5-Day Basic Wetland Delineation Course. Cook County SWCD's District Manager serves on the Cook County Wetland Technical Evaluation Panel (TEP) to assist the County Planning and Zoning Department in their administration of the Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act (WCA).


306-star06-11: IAGLR 2011 Conference Program Sponsorship

The 54th International Association of Great Lakes Research's (IAGLR) conference will be held in Duluth on May 30 - June 3, 2011. It is anticipated that approximately 600 participants will attend. A meeting in Duluth of this well-established scientific society will provide opportunities to highlight local projects, studies, and opportunities for additional work. It will also provide unique opportunities for collaboration and sharing information at local and regional scales.


306-star04-11: North House Folk School's Full Circle Superior Outreach Partnership

Bringing the Full Circle Superior Project to the North House Folk School as a featured educational program during North House's fall featured event - Unplugged: The Northern Harvest, September 24-26, 2010. 


306-star02-11: Lake Superior Harvest Festival and Energy Fair

The Lake Superior Harvest Festival and Energy Fair is an annual event founded 17 years ago to educate the greater Twin Ports community about sustainable agriculture. Sustainable agriculture methods aims to preserve and protect resources including those along Minnesota's North Shore of Lake Superior.

310-09-11: Turfgrass Maintenance with Reduced Environmental Impacts Course

Minnesota Erosion Control Association (MECA) workshop on Turfgrass Maintenance with Reduced Environmental Impacts course for upwards of 40 lawn care professionals, landscape contractors, golf course superintendents, and maintenance professionals working on the area's parks, cemeteries, and public grounds.

306-19-11: Terrestrial Invasive Plant Outreach and Education for the North Shore - a Collaborative Effort

Sugarloaf: The North Shore Stewardship Association project to educate North Shore landowners and managers about non-native invasive plant species and their threat to North Shore forests. Objectives: Conduct 6 invasive species educational workshops in Cook and Lake Counties . Develop and implement an invasive species documentation protocol for volunteers in collaboration with county, state and federal agencies.

306-18-11: Educational Recreation Program for Youth and Families on the St. Louis River

The St. Louis River Citizens Action Committee (SLRCAC) developed an outdoor educational recreation program for youth and families to provide youth and families with opportunities to participate in a recreational activities on and along the St. Louis River.

306-17-11: Videos: Shoreland Best Practices and Land Use

St. Louis county will provide improved shoreland management and protection of coastal resources through visual videos. These videos will build off of existing county print products and past support from the Minnesota Lake Superior Coastal Program for shoreland and wetland print products. Videos are becoming an ever more popular venue to provide information and education to the general public. As the web continues to emerge as a source of information, videos can be an excellent visual display of information for the coming years. Our plan is to create various short videos for high impact information and education. Past videos were long and viewing was limited due to the length. Short videos can be effective in communicating difficult text language in shoreland and land use ordinances and statutes. Completed videos can be viewed on  St. Louis County YouTube Channel

306-16-11: A Comprehensive Approach at Increasing Access to Coastal Resource Education

Hartley Nature Center provides programming for up to 23,300 people a year, the majority of whom are elementary school students participating in field trip experiences and seasonal camps. Of these two program areas, our most hands-on and most popular courses are those focused on the aquatic ecosystems of Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Zone. The purpose of "Increasing Access to Coastal Resource Education" is to eliminate those barriers confronting area educators, leaders and parents when considering coastal resource-focused field trips and camps for their students and children respectively. The specific areas of coastal education we are addressing include: 1. School programming obstacles for coastal education. 2. Afterschool programming issues, where transportation continues to be the limiting factor. 3. Camp program obstacles for those Hartley-based camps focused on coastal resources - including transportation, educational materials, and equipment geared to reduce the risk of incident or injury. 4. Urban Wilderness Camps (UWCs) for neighborhoods in the coastal zone currently underserved by Hartley Nature Center.

306-STAR07-10: Lake Superior Day Collaboration

The Lake Superior Binational Forum started Lake Superior Day in 1991 with activities lake-wide to teach/learn about Lake Superior. Minnesota Sea Grant and other partners now collaborate to bring research-based education to residents and visitors on Minnesota's coasts along Lake Superior. This year, July 16, 17 and 18, 2010, the event involves a collaboration of partners from public/private/government/university sectors, drawing tourists and residents. Several booths, including a Stop Aquatic Hitchhiker's booth, will be exhibited at Canal Park in front of the Marine Museum for three days over the weekend of July 16-18. The Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers (SAH) campaign teaches anglers and recreational boaters to adopt specific desired behaviors in order to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species such as zebra mussels, Eurasian watermilfoil, and the VHS virus from infested waters to uninfested waters.

306-STAR05-10: Agate Bay Light Station Exhibit Renovation

Lake County Historical Society (LCHS) will create informative historical and educational exhibits documenting the historical evolution of Agate Bay Harbor. The main exhibit will be displayed in our renovated exhibit spaces at the Agate Bay Lightstation. A Portable Media Presentation will be available to County educators, librarians, and community organizations.


306-STAR02-10: Sugarloaf Sensations

A new program called program as Sugarloaf Sensations will design and present educational programs that will be offered five days a week. Program topics may include kid's nature crafts, birds and mammals of the North Shore, plants of the North Shore, human history, habitat restoration and gardening with native species.


306-09-10: Data for Discovery and Decision-Making: LakeSuperiorStreams.org  (LSS)

(1) LSS provides an easy access web portal for the public to understand the environmental, public health and regulatory issues related to north shore stream condition as affected by land use management; (2) Collaborate with WLSSD, MDNR and S.St Louis County SWCD to import new sources of historical and current real-time data streams to make it available to users to visualize and map changes via the interactive DataViewer animation tool and mapping utilities. (3) develop web-based tools for volunteer citizen scientists and students to interactively graph their stream and lake data, including biological ("bug") indices to allow them to look for trends and comparisons to other sites.


306-08-10: View from the Lake: Expanded Outreach through K12 Curricula, the Web, and Sustainability Programming

The successful View from the Lake (VFTL) educational program will be the foundation to build 1) an enriched VFTL Web site to disseminate curricula, past program material, and resources; 2) a 2009 season of boat trips marketed to local government officials and K12 teachers; and 3) K12 educational curricula for teachers throughout the region. VFTL 2009 will tie past program content together under the unifying theme of economic and environmental sustainability in the face of a changing climate. VFTL incorporates current scientific research into an educational program focused on land use and water quality issues in the basin, giving participants an opportunity to see their watersheds from the Lake's perspective.


306-07-10: North Shore Virtual Visitor Center

Goal: To inspire the preservation of the North Shore's unique environment through web-based outreach to visitors and residents.


306-06-10: 2009 Lake Superior Watershed Festival

A third one-day Watershed Festival to reach a wide & varied sector of the public about the importance of protecting Lake Superior's coast and coastal watersheds from non-point pollution. It also provides a networking opportunity for businesses, non-profits & agencies who work within the environmental sector in the Twin Ports region.


306-05-10: Grand Marais Outdoor Classroom Program

Further development and implementation of the Outdoor Classroom Program (OCP). The "classroom" for this program is Grand Marais' harbor and the public lands around it. Harbor Friends' OCP has been in progress since early 2006. It is a linked series of initiatives that, by using the harbor area as a teaching venue, seek to promote development in the harbor area consistent with the sustainability principles of the Lake Superior Coastal Program, while protecting this unique part of Lake Superior's Coastal Region for the benefit of all and especially for future generations.


306-08-09:  Protection Water Quality through Unwanted Medical Collection and Disposal

The Western Lake Superior Sanitary District (WLSSD) is holding 5 pilot Unwanted Medication Collection Events to address the complex problem of disposal of expired or otherwise unusable medication. Disposal through collection events (ensuring safe incineration) is preferable to disposal in the garbage due to the possibility of scavenging by people or animals or contamination of groundwater if medication ends up in landfills. This pilot project will act as a model for future WLSSD and regional collections, with the goal of permanent, safe, legal and convenient disposal options for residents and businesses.

306-13-09: Publications to Assist Property Owners in Protecting Wetland and Shoreland Environments

The Shoreland Land Use Guide will be a comprehensive source of information on St. Louis County and Minnesota land use regulations for riparian development. The Wetland Guide and Wetland Fact Sheets, building on the success of the completed "Wetland Information Guide", will provide comprehensive information on identifying and protecting wetlands in the Lake Superior Coastal Program area and beyond. The guide will be specific to St. Louis County property owners. However, since many shoreland zoning regulations are based on DNR requirements, the guide could be easily adapted by other local governments. 

306-14-09: Stormwater Best Management Practices for Small Businesses and Volunteer Groups

The RSPT proposes to use the services of the South St. Louis SWCD in developing a series of small workshops and information packages that will provide these smaller units with appropriate activities to protect the environment. Workshops include; Small construction practices for erosion control, home landscapers and landscaping businesses offering information on methods of addressing nuisance ponding on properties, and a series of informational (how-to) materials and PowerPoint presentations that address water friendly activities for volunteer and youth organizations.

306A-06-09: Bay View School Forest

The purpose of this project is to support environmental education programming, enhanced recreational access and to encourage civic involvement in the management of a school forest. The project will provide funding to support three key areas of school forest programming and development: 1) forest management (purchasing of seedlings and planting equipment, exotic species control, and professional forest management consultation), 2) educational programming (support for a pilot project to establish a "forest naturalist" to work with students both during school year and summer), and 3) recreational access and trail development (establishment of trails, signage, and access points).

306A-07-09: South Terrace Outdoor Learning Center of Carlton County Phase III

Phase III, Environmental Education curriculum and associated learning kits for educators, a gathering pavilion and a learning kit storage area.

306-09-08: Expanding Surface Water Awareness in Regional Communities through Partnerships with Businesses

The RSPT is seeking to increase awareness and to expand its funding base by reaching out to local business and industry to form partnerships. The RSPT proposes to design a program for partnering with major industries, hotels and restaurants to promote the quality of the North Shore and assist the region in implementing a variety of Best Management Practices (BMPs).

306-10-08: Opening the North Shore Interpretive Center in the Historic Lester River Fish Hatchery

Goal: Enhance the management of the historic Lester River Fish Hatchery building ("the Limno Lab") to improve North Shore coastal resource interpretive opportunities.

306-11-08: North Shore Curriculum Assessment Project
Comprehensive information on the diversity of curricular resources that are presently available.
Needs Assessment Presentation 30 pages 640 KB
K-12 Needs Survey Results 4 pages 158 KB
Teacher Needs Survey Results 6 pages 343 KB
Environmental Education Curriculum Resource Guide 35 pages 469 KB
Project final report 9 pages 291 KB


306A-05-08: Lake County Demonstration Forest

Implementation of the "Plan of Action" for the Lake County Demonstration Forest by completing the following projects: 1. Construct up to one mile of additional hiking trails and conduct maintenance on the previously constructed 3.3 mile trail system. 2. Construct two (2) restrooms (DNR standard vault toilets). 3. Purchase and install eight (8) "You Are Here" trail signs.

306-Admin01-07: Making a Great Lake Superior 2007 Sponsorship

Sponsorship of Making a Great Lake Superior 2007: A conference linking research, education and management. to be held on October 29-31, 2007 at the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center in Duluth, MN. Making a Great Lake Superior 2007

306-Admin02-07: About Shipwrecks and Underwater Archeology

Defray travel costs for Jeff Gray, Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary superintendent who will be presenting two talks about Shipwrecks and Underwater Archeology on Tuesday, August 7, 2007 at the Blue Water Cafe in Grand Marais, MN and on Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at the Amazing Grace Bakery and Cafe, 394 S. Lake Avenue, Duluth, MN.

306A-01-07: Carlton School District Outdoor Learning Facility (South Terrace Phase II)

Implement the existing outdoor learning facility plan. Project Summary Sheet 1 page 478 kb

306-02-07: Cook County Property Owners Resource Guide

Develop a Property Owner's Resource Guide and print 3,000 copies. The guide will be distributed in print format to interested Cook County property owners, real estate agents, public libraries, schools, and local units of government. An electronic version will also be posted on the Cook County website for Internet access.

306-03-07: DuluthStreams Heads North: Making North Shore stream data make sense to citizens and local officials

Explanation of the Duluth Streams educational and water quality monitoring program to include the North Shore. Project Summary Sheet 1 page 291 kb

306-04-07: Publication of Booklet on Natural History and Geology of the Superior Hiking Trail in Duluth

The Superior Hiking Trail Association A booklet to help the hiker appreciate the remarkable natural history along the new 38-mile addition, from Jay Cooke State Park, through the City of Duluth, to the Martin Road. Project Summary Sheet 1 page 291 kb

306-05-07: A View from the Lake 2006

View from the Lake will focus on a regional perspective, exploring Great Lakes-wide issues such as climate change, water diversion, and environmental toxins. As always, research will be framed in a watershed context and the role of individual and community decision-making will be at the core. A View from the Lake homepage

306-06-07: Water Protection Education Outreach for Restaurants and Food Service Establishments

The Utility Operations Division of the City of Duluth outreach program directed to food service institutions to promote best management practices designed to reduce water consumption, decrease sewer loadings and improve maintenance of parking and garbage disposal areas. Project Summary Sheet 1 page 307 kb

306-STAR04-07: North Shore SNA and State Park Outreach

The goal of this project is to increase significantly public awareness and appreciation of the coastal Scientific and Natural Areas (SNAs) and State Parks of the North Shore. The first phase is the production of a 4-page booklet describing all coastal North Shore SNAs. The second phase of this project is the testing and promotion of learning cart programs at or near coastal SNAs. 

306-STAR08-07: Homeowners and Educators Book Grant Project

"The Septic System Owner's Manual" is an excellent and highly readable source of information about onsite wastewater treatment and preventive maintenance. Our advance readers strongly recommend this publication for its educational quality and interesting writing style. Each of the individual property owners and other interested parties including schools, libraries, township and county offices, U of MN Extension service staff, and steering committee members will receive a copy of the manual by mail or personal delivery.

306-14-06: Marine Traffic Interactive Education Project Interactive Vessel Information Tracking System

The Lake Superior Marine Museum Association will create a state-of -the-art interactive display system which will enable participants to track vessel activity, and gauge weather influences and water level impacts on waterborne commerce. It will help illustrate the relationship between maritime commerce and natural influences, and serve as a way to engage school-age visitors in the historic, cultural and educational programming at the Center.

306-18-06: Interpretive Panels for display at Silver Bay Safe Harbor/Marina and Taconite Safe Harbor

Construction of interpretive display panels and frames at two DNR Safe Harbors on the north shore of Lake Superior. Project Summary Sheet 1 page 163 kb

306A-01-06: Silver Bay Safe Harbor/Marina and Taconite Safe Harbor Interpretive Displays

Construction of interpretive displays at two DNR Safe Harbors on the north shore of Lake Superior. Silver Bay Safe Harbor/Marina, and Taconite Safe Harbor.

306A-09-06: The Tofte Lakewalk Project

Phase one of educational and cultural enhancements along the lake walk.

Cook County Water Program Lakes and River Monitoring, Water Plan Coastal Community Outreach

1) Water quality monitoring for 4 lakes and 1 river will be completed. The lakes are Caribou, Bigsby, Devil Track and Trout Lake - all within the coastal boundary. The Poplar River will be monitored at the outlet. 2) Citizen educational outreach targeting coastal boundary residents with specific emphasis on revised water management plan priority issues. Monitoring - All lakes will be monitored for total phosphorus, ortho phosphorus and chlorophyll -a. Of the 4 lakes, Caribou has some older sample sets - being tested once every 10 years. Devil Track, Bigsby and Trout have none to very little sample data. Data collected will be used in the MNLEAP model (Minnesota Lake Eutrophication Assessment Program), and charted in MS Excel.

A View From The Lake

Nonpoint pollution education for Lake Superior coastal communities through presentations, displays, and hands-on water quality analysis while on Lake Superior aboard the L.L. Smith, Jr. Research Vessel (R/V). Project Summary Sheet 1 page 307 kb

DuluthStreams.org: Regionalizing Surface water Education and Outreach

The proposed grant would enable us to fully expand the DuluthStreams website into a regional entity. It would build on a previous, but limited, Lake Superior Coastal Program Enhancement Fund effort that created weblinks to Proctor, Hermantown and Superior on the DuluthStreams website. This makes these communities ideal as the first candidates for a regional expansion.

306-13-06: Erosion and Sediment Control Product Specification and Application Field Seminar

Minnesota Erosion Control Association (MECA) in coordination with St. Louis County Public Works will utilize a vacant county gravel pit eight miles Northwest of Duluth as an erosion and sediment control product installation demonstration area. This area will be used by MECA and St. Louis County Public Works to launch the first two, of several, Construction Site Erosion and Sediment Control Field Courses in Northern Minnesota. Project Summary Sheet 1 page 362 kb

306-15-06: Coastal Plant Field Challenge for LGUs

Plant training tailored to coastal wetland practitioners. Including field training course with reference to plant identification, native plant community education, provide ten additional web pages as an addition to the Coastal Plant Identification Short Course produced in 2003, and provide a narrative "final report" summarizing project success.

306-16-06: Regional Watershed Festival

RSPT proposes to present a one day regional Watershed Festival to celebrate and encourage public participation in the concept of watershed stewardship. Project Summary Sheet 1 page 336 kb

306-17-06: ShoreLink: Strengthening North Shore Interpretation

SICA ShoreLink project will be made available online, pull organizations together through a spring gathering, and provide a liaison with the All-American Road interpretive planners. Project Summary Sheet 1 page 331 kb

306-29-06: Lake Superior Watershed Festival

RSPT second one-day Lake Superior Watershed Festival, building on the success of the festival held in 2005. 

306-STAR02-06: Spring Public Information Campaign

Spring 2006 broadcast of pollution prevention messages to parallel spring melt and spring clean up activities. RSPT members will also release a series of public information press releases in support of the message. The PSA's can be viewed on-line at lakesuperiorstreams.org

306-STAR03-06: ShoreLink Learning Cart in North Shore State Parks

The coastal-funded learning cart programs in the state parks will focus on unique North Shore coastal resources, including geology and Lake Superior geography.

306-STAR04-06: Grand Marais' Outdoor Classroom Field Guide Series - Birds (First Printing)

The Field Guide Series - Birds will be a quality, easy to use color guide of 24 pages and will include artist renderings of the 60 bird species nesting in the harbor area.

306-STAR08-06: Raptors in the Classroom (RITC) On-Site Program "Experience Hawk Ridge"

As a companion program to the current Raptors in the Classroom program, we would like to offer free field trips to Hawk Ridge in the fall of 2006 to these same fourth graders when they return to school in the fall as fifth graders. The on-site programs at the Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve will be developed with the goals of increasing knowledge about raptors, demonstrating the role of Lake Superior in the migration over Hawk Ridge, and to reinforce the lessons taught during the spring classroom visits.

306-STAR09-06: Documentary Film on Lake Superior's Environmental History

A new one-hour documentary on Lake Superior. This new documentary will depict the environmental history of Lake Superior with the goal of raising the ecological literacy of viewers regarding some of the major issues facing the lake today.

22906: Lake County Historical Society Coastal Exhibits II

The Lake County Historical Society coastal exhibits project.

306-08-05: Contractors/Developers Curriculum and Workshops for Construction Site Stormwater Pollution Control

To develop a training workshop for contractors/developers that address effective BMPs that would be acceptable in the region.

306-09-05: Seeking Partners: Stowe EE Kids in Neighborhood Groups Planning and Restoring their Natural Ecosystem Resources

Students will partner with community representatives to develop and implement environmentally sensitive service learning projects within the Lake Superior watershed.

306A-08-05: Bird Hill: School Forest Interpretive Trail and Wetlands Boardwalk

Funding to add a wetland boardwalk and access trail to school forest. Create and install interpretive signs for the school forest.

306-33-04 & 306-16-05: Lake Superior Coastal Exploration Sailing Adventure

Provide environmental education, access to the Duluth Superior Harbor and outreach to low income youth with a low cost, low impact recreation opportunity.

306-STAR03-05: Lake County Property Owners Resource Guide-Update

Update the resource guide and print an additional 3000 copies. The guide will be distributed in print format to interested Lake County property owners, real estate agents, public libraries, and local units of government. An electronic version will also be posted on the Lake County website for Internet access.

306-STAR04-05: School Outreach: Stormwater Protection

306-STAR05-05: Walk, Ride, and Runoff Event

In consultation with project partners, MN Sea Grant will organize, publicize, and conduct a cross-country walk and a "*ride-and-tie" mountain bike and running race. The event will be designed to bring attention to land use and water quality interactions, highlighting the way impervious surfaces affect snowmelt and rainwater runoff flowing into Lake Superior. 

306-STAR06-05: Wooden Boat Show & Summer Solstice Festival on Lake Superior's North Shore Welcomes Becky Mason

Becky Mason as the featured guest during North House Folk School's Wooden Boat Show & Summer Solstice Festival, June 17-19, 2005. 

306-05-04: Care and Feeding of your Sewer - A Public Education Program

An education program targeting both residential and commercial customers to encourage their assistance in improving this situation. Information will also be placed on the  City of Duluth web site.

306-06-04: Collectible Informational Cards on Duluth Creeks

To increase City wide awareness of it's creeks, and to protect them from pollution and misuse, began a program of creek identification through creek "trading cards".

306-07-04: Coastal Area Wetland Plant ID Shore Course (Certified)

Coastal Wetland Plant ID Short Course (Certified) for local wetland delineation practitioners. The Course will use local and regional botanists to assure quality training. The Course will consist of classroom and field exercises, and subsequent testing to assess knowledge and document certification to the Board and Water and Soil Resources (BWSR).

306-08-04: Superior Science for You Speaker Series

Eight speakers delivered 16 talks covering the latest scientific research on Lake Superior to residents and visitors in Minnesota's coastal communities. A video of each talk was live-streamed over the Internet through the MN Sea Grant web site to increase accessibility to the series. Video of the talks was also captured for use on a compact disk.

306-09-04: Depot Exhibit and Oral History Project

The Depot Exhibit and Oral History Project is based on the Coastal Interpretative Exhibit Committee's recommendations for exhibits that are essential to complete the objective of interpreting the historic uses of Lake Superior and Agate Bay and to collect oral histories about the coastal area.  

306-11-04: Lake Superior Multi-Media Performance Piece

Minnesota Shows created two original songs, historical narrative and a collection of historic photographs of Lake Superior and surrounding area by famed performer, poet and historian Warren Nelson. A CD of songs focusing on Lake Superior and including the two new original songs, will be produced and distributed to schools and libraries with the touring of the Minnesota Show.

306-23-04: Restoring Sugarloaf Cove: Environmental Restoration Field Trips

Sugarloaf Cove will host 12 high school classrooms (including other high school aged educationally oriented youth groups) to participate in fully supported field experiences. Research in the field of environmental field day experiences indicate that field experiences are most effective when classroom educators are fully supported with a comprehensive approach, complete with pre and post materials to support the field experience.

306-27-04: Enhancing the St. Louis River

To help launch our Enhancing the Lower St. Louis River program. It is a comprehensive watershed outreach effort to educate watershed inhabitants about the Lower St. Louis River Habitat Plan, and the importance of protecting critical remaining natural areas and of pushing forward on priority restoration projects and sites.

306-32-04: Regional Surface Water Pollution Prevention Education Outreach Program

To support development of a recognizable logo for surface water protection in Northeastern Minnesota/Northwestern Wisconsin: development and airing of a series of public service announcements for television and radio; and development of a brochure and mailing flyer to promote positive community and individual activities to protect the waters of the region.

306-STAR01-04: Developing North Shore Natural History Interpretive Workshops

Project Goal: Develop SICA's capacity to deliver interpretive programs about the natural and cultural history of the North Shore. Develop outreach and marketing mechanism for multi-day interpretive programs, obtain necessary materials and equipment for these programs, and provide and evaluate three intermediate-level interpretive programs in summer/fall 2003.

306-STAR07-04: Carlton County Land Use Resource Guide

A Comprehensive Land Use Guide for property owners in Carlton County

306-STAR10-04: Celebrating the Journey: Exploring Lake Superior, the Great Lakes and the Heritage Coast

The focus of this proposal is to welcome the McGuffins to MN's North Shore. They are Great Lakes paddlers, writers and exceptional photographers, who have integrated these skills to tell the story of Lake Superior and the other Great Lakes. There are three key components to maximize the educational potential of their visit - A live radio interview, public workshops on the Lake Superior Watershed and the boreal forest, and the McGuffins will be the featured speakers at the Wooden Boat Show's Culminating Event. The Wooden Boat Show is North House Folk School's most visible and well-attended special event.

WTIP Remote Studio Equipment

WTIP to developed a traveling broadcasting kit to capture and relay news and information in a timely, efficient and professional manner.


306-12-03: Environ Mentors

Students will be teaching their peers at Lakewood and Lester Park schools fundamental lessons about the Lake Superior watershed. By placing Stowe school students in the role of mentor, we will enable high level thinking and problem solving skills. 

306-STAR13-03: Outdoor Learning Site Education

The school district has limited funding to support yearly field trips and guest educators, and no funds designated specifically towards transportation to our outdoor learning sites. This makes accessing these sites, even our own school forest, very difficult. The Outdoor Learning Site Project would allow us to schedule and access these environmental education opportunities.

306-STAR09-03: School Forest/Outdoor Classroom Development Plan (South Terrace Phase I)

The Carlton County SWCD is applying for STAR funds to complete a plan for an outdoor classroom facility. The 40 acres is owned by Carlton County and lies completely within the coastal boundary. Preliminary investigation reveals a wide diversity of ecosystems on the property making it ideal for an outdoor classroom facility.


306-06-02: Lake Superior Video Production

Gooseberry Falls State Park will develop and present a video production that creates a better understanding of the unique qualities of Lake Superior and its watershed. The principle goal of the production will be to make viewers more aware of Lake Superior and its characteristics; to help people take another look and see the Lake for more than just its scenic quality.

306-14-02: Watershed Educational Program for Primary (pre K through 6th) School Children

The City of Duluth Stormwater Utility will work in cooperation with Stowe Environmental School, Great Lakes Aquarium, and the University of MN Duluth Center for Environmental Education to develop a Watershed Education Program for children in the primary grades. The Watershed program will provide children with the opportunity to identify their home watersheds and learn ways to take responsibility for maintaining and protecting their watersheds.

306-27-02: Restoring the St. Louis River Estuary: Pilot Service Learning and Curriculum Project for High School Youth

This project combines environmental restoration, youth in-service work, graduate training, and curriculum development to improve stewardship of Lake Superior coastal resources. Pilot program objectives are: 1) Provide high school aged youth with a quality environmental service learning experience; 2) Complete an environmental restoration project in the St. Louis River Estuary; 3) Provide University of MN - Duluth graduate students a quality internship in environmental youth leadership; and 4) Create a curriculum guide to extend this project to other youth community service programs within the coastal zone.

306A-01-02: Cook County Historical Society Fish House Project

The Cook County Historical Society proposes to build a historically accurate fish house to properly display its existing commercial fishing artifacts. The Fish House will be on public property along the anticipated Harbor Walk of the City of Grand Marais. The building will be operated and maintained by the Historical Society, but certain day-to-day functions such as opening and closing the building will be done by the City Recreation Park personnel.

306A-02-02: Gold Rock Point Interpretation Kiosk

Research, produce and install an interpretive kiosk with signs for the Gold Rock Point addition. The proposed location is the diver access parking area/trail head to the beach and Point. Signs will include a map of the area and park, diver information, pictures and text about the Madeira shipwreck, and resource management messages concerning the Point's vegetation and other features. The four-sided kiosk should be bolted down to concrete pilings.

306-KF3-02: Arrowhead Currents

To continue publishing two issues this year, the Arrowhead Water Quality Team requests funding from the MN Lake Superior Coastal Program. The Arrowhead Water Quality Team has published a water quality newsletter entitled, "Arrowhead Currents", since 1993. The goal of the newsletter is to inform property owners how to protect and improve water quality in lakes, streams, and wetlands. The target audience is shoreland property owners and, currently, 3700 property owners are on the mailing list. An additional 300 copies are provided for distribution within each county (50 per county). The newsletter is published twice each year, once in the late spring and the second issue in mid summer.

306-KF4-02: Historic Fishing Skiff Educational Initiative

This project is an educational initiative developed cooperatively by the North Shore Commercial Fishing Museum and the North House Folk School. The two organizations aspire to create a unique public education arena focused on the history of fishing on Lake Superior. The initiative will utilize the construction of a historic fishing skiff as the backdrop for multiple educational programs. The project will culminate during the Wooden Boat Show and Midsummer Festival, an annual event that takes place at the North House Folk School. Three specific educational components are currently envisioned as part of the project: 1. Course and Demonstration: Constructing a historic fishing skiff; 2. Public Presentation: History of Commercial Fishing Boats; 3. Interpretive Demonstration: Hosted by Student Participants


306-KF5-02: Birds and Their Forest Habitat

Atlas of Birds and Their Forest Habitat in Wolf Ridge's one square mile GIS plot. An online curriculum will be available on the Wolf Ridge web site. Peter Harris will coordinate the project. Natural Resource and Research Institute (NRRI) will conduct the breeding bird survey through sound surveys of singing male birds in the one square mile GIS site. Wolf Ridge will conduct the bird banding population study as part of the national MAPS (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship) program. Data from the MAPS study will be combined with the NRRI information and the results presented in the Atlas. 


22901: State of the Coast 2002 Sharing the Northland Conference

Funding for the State of the Coast 2002 Sharing the Northland Conference to be held in April 2002.

306-12-01: Outdoor PURSUIT! Kayak Edventure: An Educational Adventure on Lake Superior

Kayak Edventure will connect people to Lake Superior by highlighting the natural and cultural history of Superior's North Shore, as well as current ecological issues. All educational experiences will take place from the seat of a sea kayak on Lake Superior. Through equipment purchases, instructional courses, interpretive workshops, and organized outings, this program will increase access to recreation activities on Lake Superior and increase understanding and appreciation of Lake Superior's coastal resources.

306-13-01: Wetland Delineation Certification

MN BWSR produced a full certification wetland delineation training course in the coastal area.

306-14-01: Cook County Passport

In cooperation with all existing county historical societies, schools, tourism associations, Grand Portage Tribal government, and Grand Portage National Monument, a historical passport will be created. This passport, specific to Cook County, will encourage visitation in county historical and cultural sites.

306-16-01: Head of the Watersheds "Decentralized" Wastewater Conference April 9-11,2002 at the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center

The first "Head of the Watersheds Decentralized Wastewater Conference" is being organized by the regional technical committee as a "kickoff" to the model performance-based approach. The conference is scheduled for April 9-11, 2002. The purpose of the conference is to develop a common level of understanding on "why" we treat wastewater and "how" it can be done to protect public health and the environment. Our target audience is designers, contractors, engineers, local and state officials and policy makers. Carlton, Cook, Lake, and St. Louis Counties (plus 6 other counties) are involved in planning the 2 and one-half day conference.

306-18-01: Education-Outreach Program for Carlton and S. St. Louis SWCDs

The Carlton County SWCD contracted to research and develop an environmental education program with schools in Carlton and S. St. Louis SWCDs. This project will help educate students in the western end of the Lake Superior Basin in the wise stewardship of the natural resources in this region. This project will also lay the groundwork for continued environmental education efforts by Soil and Water Conservation District staff. 

306-STAR19-01: State of the Coast 2003

The seventh annual conference on important land use and resource issues facing the North Shore of Lake Superior. 

306-STAR22-01: Environment as an Integrating Context: Enhancing Student Learning in the North Shore Community School Forest

The purpose of the proposal is to enhance student learning opportunities in North Shore Community School's forest by developing seasonal environmentally integrated curriculum for K-6 students. The lessons, using learning sites on the nature trail and school forest, will be based on the EIC model which involves interdisciplinary, team-taught, student guided, cooperative investigations of natural and social systems in our local community. Each grade addresses a specific question in their investigations. MN Environmental Literacy benchmarks are incorporated to guide each grade in their understanding of systems.

309-02-01: Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials (NEMO)

Literature review of studies related to imperviousness and forest management practices in northern Minnesota. Extension of the Duluth streams program's NEMO component beyond its four watersheds and into Hermantown and Proctor.


306-24-00: Minnesota Point Natural Resources Education

Education and information MN Point's unique ecology and recreational environment.
Project Summary Sheet 1 page 163 kb


306-13-00: Agate Bay Coastal Interpretative Exhibits

The project's goal is to develop three interpretative exhibits including educational programming and materials related to the development of Agate Bay as a harbor and in turn its impacts on Lake Superior. Project Summary Sheet 1 page 183 kb


306-12-00: North House Folk School Freshwater Studies


306-08-00: Education of Coastal Resource Preservation and Enhancement Through the Performing Arts

Grand Marais Playhouse hopes to annually present Greek Theater during the Grand Marais Art Colony Art Fair, which attracts tourists from across the state and country. The performance of ancient theater will bring peoples together on the Lake Superior shores to appreciate art performance enhancing art of nature. Project Summary Sheet 1 page 163 kb