Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program - Funded Projects

Public Access and Recreation


306A-02-11:  Tofte Lakewalk

Construct one exhibit and new entrance to Tofte Town park in a walkway that takes visitors directly to isolated shoreline. At this exhibit will be bronze sculptures of a Lake Trout and a school of Herring. These will be crafted using actual fish as molds for the casts. The exhibit panels will detail the natural history of these fish which are the most important catch of commercial fishermen. The exhibits will also include Lake Superior weather and physical information. The park entrance will also be highlighted with a new archway inviting visitors to the shore. 


306A-03-11: McQuade Public Access Interpretive Display

The McQuade Public Access Interpretive Display, will be for the construction of a public informational kiosk featuring a sheltered structure and interpretive panels at McQuade access on Lake Superior at the junction of the City of Duluth and Lakewood & Duluth Townships, within St. Louis County. 


306A-01-11: North House Harbor-Side Commons Revitalization

This North House Harbor-Side Commons Revitalization Project aspires to revitalize an important Grand Marais waterfront property and outdoor community resource located on City of Grand Marais property. These improvements will: 1) Improve harbor water quality by removing blacktop located adjacent to the harbor 2) Protect water quality by relocating public parking away from the harbor 3) Enhance the property's public accessibility and aesthetic character, and, 4) Model environmental building strategies by utilizing pervious paving systems as well as storm water treatment techniques. 


306A-03-10: St. Louis River Trail

Acquire title or easement rights upon lands in Carlton County along the abandoned Burlington Northern Railway corridor from the City of Carlton to the City of Scanlon. The purpose for acquiring these properties is to develop a paved pedestrian trail from the Munger State Trail in the City of Carlton to the Scanlon Park and Ride lot at County Highway 45 and I-35. This project is a followup to Lake Superior Coastal Program Project 306-STAR03-07 which completed the appraisal process for the lands that are intended to be acquired.


306A-02-10: Superior Hiking Trail Bridge - Kadunce River - Kadunce River State Wayside

This project is to replace the Superior Hiking Trail bridge over the Kadunce River in the Kodunce State Wayside. In 2003, Minnesota State Parks accepted responsibility for the long term maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement of the five major Superior Hiking Trail bridges over rivers and streams within park boundaries.


306-10-10: Plan and Design Pavilion of Lake County Demonstration Forest

Continue implementation of the "Plan of Action" for the Lake County Demonstration Forest by completing the following project: Plan and Design a Pavilion Building that will meet the short and long-term needs of visitors who use the Lake County Demonstration Forest, North Shore State Snowmobile Trail, and the Superior Hiking Trail.


306A-05-09: Superior Hiking Trail Bridge - Cross River - Temperance River State Park

This project is to replace the Superior Hiking Trail bridge over the Cross River in Temperance River State Park.


306A-04-09: Gitchi Gami Overlook

An average of 600,000 visitors per year, Gooseberry Falls State Park is the most visited state park in Minnesota. The heavy use causes a great deal of erosion and degradation of the park's natural terrain. This project proposes to build three viewing platforms of Lake Superior, two benches, trail improvement to the sites, and a guardrail on heavily eroded and unsafe trail segments.


306A-03-09: Finland Community Recreation and Trail Center

A community trail recreation center at the location of the existing but collapsing recreation hall. The site borders County Rd. 7 and provides access to the Superior Hiking Trail, the North Shore snowmobile trail, the Moose Run/Moose Walk ATV trail and a proposed paved trail linking downtown Finland to the Community Trail Center. It is also located next to the Baptism River which is a designated trout stream. The goal of the project is to build a facility which will meet the trail and information related needs of residents and visitors seeking to utilize the trail systems.


306A-04-08: Temperance River Wayside Accessible Trail

The Temperance River gorge trail with its many waterfalls is the most popular destination for most of the 250,000 annual visitors to Temperance River State Park. The most heavily used section of this trail begins at MN Highway 61 wayside parking lot and follows the east rim of the gorge using a myriad of undesignated crisscrossing trails resulting in extensive soil compaction and erosion resulting in exposed tree roots and loss of sensitive vegetation. The project will provide an ADA accessible asphalt trail from the Hwy 61 bridge where visits can see the lower gorge. It will also provide access upstream to a view of the Hidden Falls and the upper gorge.

306A-06-07: Two Harbors Trail System Construction - Phase I

A paved, non-motorized trail that will connect the recently completed High School Trail to the existing Sonju Trail in Two Harbors, MN. Project Summary Sheet 181 kb


306A-04-07: Harbor Park Phase II

Implementation of the Phase I plan, the park will be constructed of quality, durable materials that reflect the local environment.


306A-02-07: Grassy Point Trail Construction - Phase II

Phase II will consist of the construction of 235 l.f. of wood boardwalk and 650 l.f. of floating plastic bogwalk. In addition, a wood observation deck with ramping to the deck. Interpretive signage and vegetative re-establishment of disturbed areas will be required. Once completed, Phase II of the Grassy Point Trail will allow trail users a significantly expanded trail experience enhanced by the increased viewing opportunities for the diverse aquatic and wetland wildlife populations indigenous to Grassy Point.


306-STAR06-07: Lake County Demonstration Forest

Implementation of the "Plan of Action" for the Lake County Demonstration Forest


306A-11-06: Tettegouche State Park - Land Acquisition

Acquisition within Tettegouche State Park - The 7-acre proposed acquisition will help in our efforts to eventually join the main portion of Tettegouche State Park to Palisade Head and protect the shoreline by preserving the famous views from Palisade Head, Shovel Point and the mouth of the Baptism River.


306A-08-06: Superior Hiking Trail Bridge - George H. Crosby Manitou State Park

This project is to replace the Superior Hiking Trail bridge over the Manitou River in George H Crosby Manitou State Park. The recommended replacement with a pre-manufactured structural fiberglass bridge will provide long term sustainability to the bridge with minimal future maintenance.


306A-07-06: Superior Hiking Trail Bridge - Caribou Falls State Wayside

Replace the Superior Hiking Trail bridge over the Caribou River in Caribou Falls State Wayside. The recommended replacement with a pre-manufactured structural fiberglass bridge will provide long term sustainability to the bridge with minimal future maintenance.


306A-06-06: Grassy Point Trail - Land Acquisition

This Acquisition Grant for matching funds to acquire a parcel of property currently owned by the Burlington Northern Railroad. This parcel bisects the Grassy Point area and must be crossed if the Grassy Point Trail is to be completed.


306A-09-05: Split Rock Lighthouse State Park Land Acquisition

5.13 acre acquisition will allow for the public's contiguous use of state park property from the main park facilities to Gold Rock Point. It eliminates the possibility of an incompatible private shoreline development in the middle of Split Rock Lighthouse State Park. Preserving the historic view from the Lighthouse is critical to the Minnesota Historical Society's (MHS) mission and their visitors.


306A-05-05: North Shore Scenic Drive Vistas - Phase II

Improve and enhance the scenic road vistas and public roadside parking areas along North Shore Drive (County State Aid Highway 61). Reconstruct one parking area overlooking Lake Superior, replacing safety guardrail, install two concrete pads for two picnic tables, and seeding and mulching disturbed areas. At a second parking area, remove old unsightly pavement and guardrail in disrepair from a former parking area, scarify the soil and seed and mulch the disturbed area.


306A-02-05: Caribou Falls Hiking Trail

The project is to stabilize and correct existing erosion on the upper trail and to close off and reestablish vegetation on the lower section of trail to prevent further bank erosion. Objective: Reroute the trail away from areas along the river that are susceptible to erosion; Construct a trail system of boardwalks, steps and railings that are safe, convenient, and that blends into the natural surroundings and leads visitors to places they want to go; Construct safe deck overlook platforms above the Caribou Falls that allow hikers to take in the panoramic view of Lake Superior and help keep visitors off of sensitive areas; and remove the old trail planking and reestablish native vegetation on the lower trail along the river.


306-STAR12-03: Grassy Point Trail - Property Appraisal for Land Acquisition

The City of Duluth first identified the area of Grassy Point (part of the St. Louis River Estuary) in 1987 (West Duluth Plan) as an environmentally significant wetland worth preserving. The City has taken a variety of steps since 1987 aimed toward the enhancement of the area of Grassy Point within it's ownership control. Most recently, the City has completed construction of Phase I of the Grassy Point Trail Project consisting of 795 l.f. of wood boardwalk and 160 l.f. of floating plastic bog walk.

306-35-04: Extending the Superior Hiking Trail through Duluth

Extension of the Superior Hiking Trail through Duluth. Phase II will involve obtaining trail construction and maintenance authorization and permits for the trail. This phase will also continue with the community outreach efforts to keep the community informed about the process and to continue to promote community support for the project.


306-14-04: Grand Marais Trail Access

Create a system of public trails (snowmobiling, biking, and possibly cross-country skiing) through a business park corridor connecting the City of Grand Marais to public lands, including the North Shore State Trail, Superior Hiking Trail and the Pincushion Mountain trails.


306A-04-03: North Shore Scenic Drive Vistas and Activity Parking

Improve and enhance the scenic vistas and public roadside parking areas along North Shore Scenic Drive (County State Aid Highway 61). This project will repair and enhance three roadside public parking areas along North Shore Scenic Drive.


306A-01-03: Cloquet Riverfront Park -Phase I Development

The purpose of this application is to seek funds to assist in implementing part of the first phase of construction recommended in the concept development plan. This phase will make improvements to part of the trail system within the park, and provide a connection to the DNR's snowmobile trail that runs through the park - the Lumberjack Trail.


310-10-03: Miller Creek Restoration: Easement Acquisition

The Creek has a naturally reproducing trout population and the MCJPB seeks to demonstrate the types of activities and practices needed to protect urbanized streams in the coastal area. This project will complete stream restoration projects that have been targeted in the Clean Water Partnership Study. Projects will be completed on public lands or lands where conservation easements will provide access.


306A-07-02: Silver Bay Marina - Fish Cleaning Station

Fish cleaning facility to provide a resource for environmentally sound disposal of fish cleaning waste.


306A-05-02: Gitchi-Gami State Trail (Beaver Bay Trail)

Design and construct a section of the Gitchi-Gami State Trail, a non-motorized paved trail being developed from Two Harbors to Grand Marais. The Gitchi-Gami State Trail is a 10 foot wide paved trail, which is designed for bicyclist, inline skaters, and pedestrians. The Community of Beaver Bay identifies that this trail project is very important, because it provides a safe access and a connection to the State Trail and through Beaver Bay.


306-19-02: North Shore Water and Ice Safety/Rescue Program

This grant will "train the trainers" by sending four members from local emergency response agencies to an intensive training program. These local trainers will adapt the program to local conditions and develop a training program for emergency response personnel in Lake and Cook Counties. The common training will be paired with the purchase of similar equipment for emergency response personnel.


306A-08-01: Cascade River Hiking Trail Improvements

Construct stairways and an elevated boardwalk on hiking trail alignment. Associated with the project will also be the construction of a work access route and the placing of gravel on existing trail alignment.

306A-07-01: Lower Falls Hiking Trail Boardwalk

A 430 foot railed boardwalk will be constructed along the Gooseberry River to minimize the impact of heavy visitation on the river, area wildlife, the herbaceous vegetation and a significant White Cedar tree community. Gooseberry Falls State Park will integrate this boardwalk into an existing trail network to provide a final link between the lower falls and a pedestrian bridge that crosses the river.


306A-06-01: Land Acquisition of the Former U.S. Naval Reserve Site, Duluth, Minnesota

This project involves the land acquisition of the former U.S. Naval Reserve Site. The site is located within the City of Duluth on Park Point and has immediate access to the Duluth Harbor, St. Louis River Estuary, and Lake Superior. Future development includes construction of a boat launch and aquatic facilities.