Southwestern Minnesota Regional Hydrogeologic Assessment, Part B

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Data Set Name: CHEMPT

Metadata Entered By: Michael Scharber

Date: 5/06/97

Section 1Identification Information
OriginatorRandy Bradt, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Waters
Unique Identifier 
AbstractPoint coverage containing 284 locations sampled for general chemistry and/or tritium and other parameters. Only 243 locations are shown on Plate 3 Surficial Hydrogeology, i.e. those points within the Southwestern Minnesota Series RHA boundary.
PurposeRegional Hydrogeologic Assessment, Southwestern Minnesota Series RHA-2, Part B, Plate 3 Surficial Hydrogeology
Time Period of ContentWater level data wes collected in 1992 and 1993, chemistry samples were collected in 1994 and 1995, carbon 14 data was collected in 1995 only, tritium samples were collected in 1994.
Maintenance and Update Frequencynone planned
Spatial Extent of DataSouthwestern Minnesota, including portions of the following counties or their entirety: Lincoln, Lyon, Redwood, Pipestone, Murray, Cottonwood, Rock, Nobles, and Jackson
Place KeywordsLincoln, Lyon, Redwood, Pipestone, Murray, Cottonwood, Rock, Nobles, Jackson (counties)
Theme Keywordschemistry
Access ConstraintsNone
Use ConstraintsNone
Contact PersonGIS Specialist
Contact OrganizationMinnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Waters
Contact Person PositionGIS Specialist
Contact Street Address500 Lafayette
Contact CitySt. Paul
Contact State or ProvinceMN
Contact Postal Code55155-4032
Contact Voice Phone651-259-5693 or 651-259-5700
Contact Fax Phone651-296-0445
Contact E-mail Address 
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Associated Data SetsRHA-2, Part A, published by the Minnesota Geological Survey, 612-627-4780
Section 2Data Quality Information
Attribute AccuracyNot determined
Logical ConsistencyData are topologically correct using ARC/INFO 7.0.3
CompletenessNot determined
Horizontal Positional AccuracyNot determined
Vertical Positional AccuracyNot applicable
LineageThe majority of data point locations were acquired from CWI (County Well Index), however additional data and attributes were added by Randy Bradt (i.e chemistry data). A small number of data points were acquired from the GWMAP program at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Also included are sampling locations for water level measurements conducted for this atlasing program. All chemistry data was collected by Randy Bradt.
Section 3Spatial Data Organization Information
Data Format NameARC/INFO
Data Format Version Number7.03
Geographic Reference for Tabular DataUTM Coordinates
Spatial Object Typepoint
Vendor Specific Object Typespoint
Tiling SchemeArea comprising the entirety of the RHA-2 study area
Section 4Spatial Reference Information
Horizontal Coordinate SchemeUTM
EllipsoidGRS 1980
Horizontal DatumNAD83
Horizontal Unitsmeters
Altitude Datumna
Altitude Unitsna
Depth Datummean sea level
Depth Unitsfeet
UTM Zone Number15
Coordinate Offsets or Adjustmentsnone
Section 5Entity and Attribute Information
Entity and Attribute Overview(points) uniq# [6,6,i] county_code [2,2,i] mgs_q75_code [4,4,c] last_name [24,24,c] first_name [15,15,c] well_use_code [7,7,c] aquifer_code [4,4,c] cas1_diameter [2,2,i] depth_top_aquife [3,3,i] casing_depth [3,3,i] depth_completed [4,4,c] depth_bedrock [3,3,i] elevation [7,7,c] dtw_hist [4,4,c] swel_hist [4,4,i] date_drilled [8,8,c] swel_ver [7,7,n,2] date_ver [8,8,d] swel_s1 [7,7,n,2] date_s1 [8,8,d] swel_s2 [7,7,n,2] date_s2 [8,8,d] geog_method_code [1,1,c] date_sample [8,8,d] gc_lab_code [15,15,c] conductivity [4,4,i] tds_calculated [4,4,i] temp(c) [4,4,n,1] ph [4,4,n,2] redox(mv) [4,4,n,0] dissolved_oxygen [5,5,c] delta_o18 [6,6,n,2] do-18(dup) [6,6,n,2] delta_h2 [5,5,n,1] d_h-2(dup) [5,5,n,1] d_c-13_soil [5,5,n,1] c14(perc.modern) [5,5,n,3] delta_c13 [5,5,n,1] c-13corr [8,8,n,6] c-14corr [8,8,n,6] c14_age [6,6,n,0] tritium(h3)(tu) [4,4,c] h3_error [8,8,c] alk_caco3 [3,3,i] alk_hco3 [3,3,i] nitrite(no2_n) [5,5,c] nitrate(no3_n) [5,5,c] no2+no3_n [4,4,c] bromide [5,5,c] flouride [5,5,c] chloride [6,6,c] phosphate(po4_p) [5,5,c] total_p [5,5,c] sulfate(so4_s) [6,6,c] sulfate(so4) [7,7,c] al [6,6,c] as [6,6,c] b [6,6,c] ba [6,6,c] be [6,6,c] ca [7,7,c] cd [7,7,c] co [6,6,c] cr [6,6,c] cu [6,6,c] fe [6,6,c] k [6,6,c] li [5,5,c] mg [7,7,c] mn [6,6,c] mo [6,6,c] na [7,7,c] ni [6,6,c] 
p [6,6,c] pb [6,6,c] rb [6,6,c] s [7,7,c] silica [6,6,c] sr [6,6,c] ti [6,6,c] v [6,6,c] zn [6,6,c] 
Entity and Attribute Detailed Citation(points)
uniq# [see cwi manual] county_code [see cwi manual] mgs_q75_code [see cwi manual] last_name, first_name, well_use_code [see cwi manual] aquifer_code [see cwi manual] cas1_diameter [see cwi manual] depth_top_aquife [interpreted from cwi well logs] casing_depth [see cwi manual] depth_completed [see cwi manual] depth_bedrock [see cwi manual] elevation [see cwi manual] dtw_hist [see cwi manual] swel_hist [see cwi manual] date_drilled [see cwi manual] swel_ver [static water elevation collected by randy bradt] date_ver [randy bradt] swel_s1 [static water elevation measured by randy bradt (synoptic 1)] date_s1, swel_s2 [static water elevation measured by randy bradt (synoptic 1)] date_s2, geog_method_code [see cwi manual] date_sample [date general water chemistry sample was taken by randy bradt] gc_lab_code [randy's code] conductivity [collected by randy bradt] tds_calculated [total dissolved solids collected by randy bradt] temp(c) [collected by randy bradt] ph [collected by randy bradt] redox(mv) [oxidation reduction potential of water sample measured in milivolts] dissolved_oxygen [collected by randy bradt] delta_018 [collected by randy bradt] do-18(dup) [collected by randy bradt-lab duplicate] delta_h2 [collected by randy bradt] d_h-2(dup) [collected by randy bradt-lab duplicate] d_c-13_soil [delta carbon13 soil-parameter determined by scott alexander at u of mn] c14(perc.modern) [collected by randy bradt] delta_c13 [collected by randy bradt] c-13corr, c-14corr, c14_age [approximate age determined by c14 model] tritium(h3)(tu) [collected by randy bradt and reported in tritium units] h3_error [tritium error determined by lab] alk_caco3 [collected by randy bradt] alk_hco3 [collected by randy bradt] nitrite(no2_n) [collected by randy bradt] nitrate(no3_n) [collected by randy bradt] no2+no3_n [collected by randy bradt] bromide [collected by randy bradt] fluoride [collected by randy bradt] chloride [collected by randy bradt] phosphate(po4_p) [collected by randy bradt] total_p [collected by randy bradt] sulfate(so4_s) [collected by randy bradt] sulfate(so4 [collected by randy bradt] al [collected by randy bradt] as [collected by randy bradt] b [collected by randy bradt] ba [collected by randy bradt] be [collected by randy bradt] ca [collected by randy bradt] cd [collected by randy bradt] co [collected by randy bradt] cr [collected by randy bradt] cu [collected by randy bradt] fe [collected by randy bradt] k [collected by randy bradt] li [collected by randy bradt] mg [collected by randy bradt] mn [collected by randy bradt] mo [collected by randy bradt] na [collected by randy bradt] ni [collected by randy bradt] p [collected by randy bradt] pb [collected by Randy Bradt] rb [collected by randy bradt] s [collected by randy bradt] silica [collected by randy bradt] sr [collected by randy bradt] ti [collected by randy bradt] v [collected by randy bradt] zn [collected by randy bradt]
Section 6Distribution Information
PublisherMinnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Waters
Publication DateMay 1997
Distributor Contact Person 
Distributor OrganizationMinnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Waters
Distributor Position 
Distributor Street Address500 Lafayette Road
Distributor CitySt.Paul
Distributor State or ProvinceMN
Distributor Postal Code55155
Distributor Voice Phone651-259-5700
Distributor Fax Phone 
E-mail Address
Resource DescriptionRegional Hydrogeologic Assessment, Southwestern Minnesota, RHA-2, Part B
Distribution LiabilityThis map was prepared from publicly available information only. Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the factual data on which this map is based. However, the Department of Natural Resources does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or any implied uses of these data. Users may wish to verify critical information; sources include both the references here and information on file in the offices of the Minnesota Geological Survey and the Department of Natural Resources. Every effort has been made to ensure the interpretation shown conforms to sound geologic and cartographic principles. This map should not be used to establish legal title, boundaries, or locations of improvements.
Transfer Format NameARC/INFO, ArcExport, INFO
Transfer Format Version Number7.03
Transfer Sizedepends on format
Ordering InstructionsDownload ARC/INFO Export file or ARCVIEW shapefile from Southwest Minnesota Regional Hydrogeologic Assessment, Part B: Metadata for GIS and Digital Data
Section 7Metadata Reference Information
Metadata Date5/06/97
Metadata ContactSee DISTRIBUTOR CONTACT PERSON (above)
Metadata Guidelines Version0.4.3