Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area Boundary and Districts

MRCCA Boundary

The boundary of the MRCCA is established through a legal description published in the State Register. This metes-and-bounds legal description generally follows public land survey section lines and roads as they existed at the time of designation.

MRCCA Districts

The 2017 rules contain six districts that replace and more accurately represent existing and planned future development than the four districts in Executive Order 79-19:

  • Rural & Open Space District (CA-ROS) – Rural undeveloped and developed low density residential land that is riparian or visible from the river, often contains tracts of high quality ecological resources.
  • River Neighborhood District (CA-RN) - Developed residential lands and existing/planned parkland that are visible from the river, or that abut riparian parkland
  • River Towns and Crossings District (CA-RTC) - Historic downtown and river crossing commercial areas, as well as existing institutional campuses.
  • Separated from River District (CA-SR) - Land that is separated from and not visible from the river.
  • Urban Mixed District (CA-UM) - Commercial, institutional, and industrial mixed-use areas as well as existing/planned parklands.
  • Urban Core District (CA-UC) - Urban cores of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Until local governments update their MRCCA ordinances to incorporate these districts, their existing MRCCA ordinances and districts will remain in effect. Citizens should contact their local government to find out what applies to their property.

Map Panels

Map panels are available to see how districts are geographically distributed within the MRCCA. Titles include the names of the cities at the northern and southern extend covered by each map panel.

  1. Dayton to Anoka
  2. Anoka to Brooklyn Park
  3. Brooklyn Park to Minneapolis
  4. Minneapolis
  5. St. Paul
  6. St. Paul to Nininger
  7. Hastings to Ravenna

 Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area (MRCCA) Boundary and Communities Proposed Districts