Public Waters Inventory Lists

To access county-level lists

Original Public Waters Inventory (PWI) lists are available as Adobe Portable Document Format files. Select the PWI list you wish to view by choosing a county using the map tool found below. You should be aware that some public waters and public waters wetlands contained in the original PWI lists have had their names legislatively or legally changed. A summary of the name changes is available from this page.

[NOTE: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these lists (download free Acrobat Reader)].

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To get Public Waters Inventory lists you can:

  • Select a county from the drop down list to the left and click on "go" ... OR ...
  • Use the map tool to the left and pick a county. You may zoom in for more detail and to see county names. To select a county click on the identify () button and then in the county of interest.

Contact information


  • For general questions about Public Waters Inventory lists, contact John Fax, Public Waters Hydrologist at (651) 259-5667, [email protected].
  • For specific information about Public Waters in your county, contact your area hydrologist .