Agency prevention materials

Township fire wardens

Township Fire Warden Handbook

Banquets - Areas will receive an annual allotment for banquets and door prizes from St. Paul. This allotment and coding string will be sent out each January. Contact your regional fire prevention representative for more information.

Awards - Length of Service Awards are as follows:

5 years - Certificate and cap
10 years - Certificate
15 years - Certificate
20 years - Certificate and jacket (small to xxxl)
25 years - Certificate
30 years - Certificate
35 years - Certificate

To order Certificates

Order certificates and the accompanying frames from Connie Vincent at the Northern Service Center in Grand Rapids. Her phone number is (218)999-7872.


To order Jacket

Jackets and caps can be ordered from the MIFC cache. Please contact Tom Staydohar at (218)327-4579. Allow one week for delivery.


45 years of service and up

For fire wardens with 45 years of service and up, for each five year increment, they will receive an engraved plaque. These can be ordered from Wilderness Originals. Their e-mail address is: [email protected] You can also reach them at:

Dan and Risa Petrie
17125 Dewes Road
Brainerd, MN 56401
phone: (218)252-0439


Retirement awards

For Township Fire Wardens retiring with over 20 years of service, contact Wilderness Originals to order this special plaque. The company will need to know the years of service (example: 1980-2007), area location, and the name(s) of the recipient(s). Allow a minimum of two weeks for each order.