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Minnesota Conservation Volunteer is your guide to wild Minnesota. This flagship publication of the Department of Natural Resources delivers in-depth, in-the-field coverage of the state's outdoor news and conservation issues. The MCV mission is to encourage conservation and sustainable use of Minnesota's natural resources.

Who reads it? Published since 1940, this bimonthly magazine is a trusted source of outdoor information and ideas in homes statewide. With more than 120,000 subscribers and an estimated readership of nearly a half million Minnesotans, MCV magazine is one of the most widely read publications in the state. Readers include anglers and birders, hunters and hikers, bikers and paddlers, armchair adventurers and explorers. All public libraries and schools receive MCV.
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Who pays for it? Reader contributions alone support MCV magazine and its education and outreach projects. No other state conservation magazine has this model of reader support. In 1980, due to a state budget shortfall, the magazine began asking readers for financial support. Since 2003, MCV has relied on readers to fund nearly all its operations, from printing to postage to staff salaries. To sustain this magazine and its mission, we ask you—every household, business, and organization—to make an annual tax-deductible contribution. 
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Who creates content? This magazine reports on conservation efforts and outdoor recreation opportunities statewide. Well-known scientists, writers, photographers, and illustrators create content for MCV. Their love of the outdoors and their dedication to conservation and sustainable use of Minnesota's natural resources shines through in every issue.
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Who puts it all together? The editorial team of four plans, coordinates, edits, writes, art directs, designs, proof reads, and oversees the entire production. Meanwhile, the circulation team of three handles subscription fulfillment, database management, and customer service—doing their best to get MCV to all the right places at the right time.
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