March–April 2021

Your guide to Minnesota's woods, waters, and wildlife


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The Phantom Plant

For almost 80 years, the rare western Jacob’s ladder has left a trail of mystery and enchantment
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When the Green Light is On, You Go

Rapids are always right around the bend for wilderness canoeist Bob O’Hara, perhaps the most influential Minnesota adventurer you’ve never heard of.
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From the Editor

The Razor's Edge

There’s a thin line between enthusiasm and obsession.
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Back to the Land

In 2020, parks, trails, and waters were a balm for Minnesotans weathering the pandemic.
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Frogs and Toads and Snakes, Oh My!

DNR herpetologist Carol Hall reflects on a career dedicated to the cold and slithery.
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Bucket List

Catch a Catfish on the Minnesota River

Decades ago, my teenage self set out to catch a catfish.
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Young Naturalists

Standing Tall

Sandhill cranes have big wings, big voices, and dazzling dance moves.
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Minnesota Profile

American Goldfinch (Spinus tristis)

The American goldfinch adds demure beauty to the Minnesota landscape.

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