May–June 2021

Your guide to Minnesota's woods, waters, and wildlife


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Flight Plan

Drones can be high-tech helpers in the natural resource world, but they also pose potential threats to wild places and wildlife. The DNR is preparing for both scenarios.
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The Wolves Next Door

Not far from the Twin Cities, the Isanti Pack lived a fleeting existence on the fringe of Minnesota’s expanding wolf range. Wolves are doing well, but can we adjust to them?
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Catching Waves

Christian Dalbec’s Lake Superior wave photographs capture the power and personality of the big lake.
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From the Editor

Here Today ...

Life is short, and ephemera magnify that fact.
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Revival of a River

A Decades-Long Restoration is Bringing the St. Louis River Estuary Back to Good Health.
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Running Trails, Finding Power

Kyra Paitrick-Johnson and Michelle Defoe run for health and connection in Kwe Pack, a group for Native women.
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Bucket List

Paddle the Way Upper Mississippi

Seeking solace on a peaceful stretch of the river
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Young Naturalists

Hole Sweet Hole

Minnesota animals large and small make their homes in hollowed-out spaces in trees.
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Minnesota Profile

Crappie (Pomoxis spp.)

Anglers enjoy a continuous season for this popular Minnesota fish.

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