March–April 2022

Your guide to Minnesota's woods, waters, and wildlife



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New Forest for a New Climate

At North Shore state parks and elsewhere, ideas about replanting for resilience are taking root.
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In Praise of the Portage

Suffering meets bliss—and something approaching enlightenment?—on the canoe portage trail.
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From the Editor

Random Access Memories

Portaging is one, not the only, way to improve connections to the wilder side of nature.
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Fresh Tracks

All-terrain wheelchairs are changing lives at Minnesota state parks.
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Bitten by the Bug Bug

Robin Thomson spends her days surrounded by 4 million dead insects.
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Bucket List

Birdwatch at Swan Lake

Checking out an avian hotspot from a water's-eye view.
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Young Naturalists

A Tree for All Seasons

Minnesota’s most common tree species, aspen, is good for wildlife and people.
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Minnesota Profile

Fisher (Pekania pennanti)

This denizen of the forest isn’t inclined to swim and does not catch or eat fish.

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