September–October 2022

Your guide to Minnesota's woods, waters, and wildlife


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Ghosted by Grouse

Pursuing wild birds in the north woods requires dogged persistence.
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Peak Prairie

Photographer Jim Brandenburg finds deep quiet and subtle color on Minnesota grasslands in autumn.
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From the Editor

Close Readers of the Outdoors

Approaching nature with an observant eye.
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Flying With Kestrels

Radio transmitters are telling us more about the lives and travels of these small falcons.
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Challenge Accepted

Chance York discusses recreation, inspiration, and Outside Chance, the TV show he hosts.
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Bucket List

Visit the Big Springs

Missed by the glaciers, southeastern Minnesota has springs readily accessible to the adventurer.
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Young Naturalists

Fungus Among Us

Mushrooms are all around. Learn to spot and identify these amazing organisms.
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Minnesota Profile

Northern bog lemming (Synaptomys borealis)

This small rodent is being considered for federal threatened or endangered status.


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