March–April 2023

Your guide to Minnesota's woods, waters, and wildlife


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Gobbler Dreams

A wild turkey hunt in north-central Minnesota benefits from the bird’s expanded range.
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Paddling Into the Past

Three canoeists retrace the path of Arthur Carhart, a key character in the Boundary Waters origin story.
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From the Editor

Undersung Heroes

A lesser-known conservationist helped preserve what would become the BWCA.
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Bear Country Expands

For 20 years, Minnesota’s black bear range has been growing.
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Minding the Microfauna

When it comes to wildlife, Melissa Boman of the DNR is looking out for the little guys.
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Bucket List

Do the Beach at Zippel Bay State Park

With fine white sand and an ocean-like lake, this is a unique setting in landlocked Minnesota.
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Young Naturalists

Born to Dig

Woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, are chubby mammals that live much of their lives underground.
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Minnesota Profile

Red-Bellied Woodpecker (Melanerpes carolinus)

The species has been expanding its range northward.

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