September–October 2023

Your guide to Minnesota's woods, waters, and wildlife


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Let It Flow

A marathon canoe race on the Mississippi River challenges body and spirit.
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A Weekend at the Shack

Photographer Caleb Leto documents his friend's old-school deer camp, where tradition mingles with adventure.
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From the Editor

A Smart Investment

A new natural resource act will help protect the state’s great outdoors.
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Catching a Break

A new turtle-trapping ban will protect state populations.
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A Friend of the Bog

Naturalist Clinton Dexter-Nienhaus is a peatland champion. 
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Bucket List

Go Birding at Salt Lake

Minnesota’s only saltwater lake doubles as a great birding destination.
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Young Naturalists

Wild Neighbors

A creature of woodlands, the wild turkey now lives across much of Minnesota, including in towns and cities.
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Minnesota Profile

Boxelder Bug (Boisea Trivittata)

They don’t bite or sting, but their sheer presence can be a nuisance.

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