January–February 2024

Your guide to Minnesota's woods, waters, and wildlife


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A Thorny Problem

Invasive buckthorn is damaging to landscapes and notoriously hard to control. New research may help manage the pesky plant.
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Paw Power

Hauling materials in and out of the BWCA is a job sometimes best left to the dogs.
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Return of the Skipper

A rare butterfly gets a second chance at Glacial Lakes State Park.
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Superior Voyage

Outdoorsman Zane Brosowske shares insights from a 63-day circumnavigation of Lake Superior by sea kayak.
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Bucket List

Visit the Lost 40 SNA

Large white pines dominate the winter landscape at this tract of old-growth forest.
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Young Naturalists

Super Senses

Some animals have astounding abilities when it comes to seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, or feeling the world around them.

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