March–April 2024

Your guide to Minnesota's woods, waters, and wildlife


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Photo Essay

Nature's Lines

A photographic exploration of the natural order. 
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Mysterious Morphs

There’s only one species of lake trout in Lake Superior, but this shape-shifting fish has at least four distinctive morphotypes—and there may be more.
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The Call of the River

Devin Brown was drawn to Minnesota by the Mississippi. Now she intends to follow it to the end.
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From the Editor

The Eel and the Butterfly

Despite challenges, these species continue to travel ancient migration routes.
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Burn Notice

Wood smoke pollutes—but you can help by burning cleaner.
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Bucket List

Fly Fish for Winter Trout

750 miles of southeastern Minnesota trout streams are open in winter.
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Young Naturalists

A Slippery Mystery

Meet the American eel—one of Minnesota’s rarest fishes.
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Minnesota Profile

Striped Skunk (Mephitis mephitis)

This mustelid is well known to most Minnesotans.

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