May–June 2023

Young Naturalists

There's No Place Like Nest

Birds build many types of nests using natural materials and their incredible bird brains.

Mary Hoff

When you think of a bird nest, you probably picture a bowl-shaped basket made from grasses or twigs. And many bird nests are just that—a soft, round, protected place for a mother bird to lay and incubate her eggs. But that’s far from the only design that birds use. 

Some birds dig holes for their nest. Some make their home in a hollow tree. Some even construct nests out of mud! Hummingbirds craft a nest the size of a golf ball, while bald eagles cobble together huge sticks to make one the size of a dining-room table.

Minnesota birds are home builders extraordinaire. Come along to learn about their clever nest designs and tour a few of the many structures birds make to protect their families.

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