2006 - 2007 Budget plan by program

Special Revenue

The Special Revenue category is made up of the following:


The DNR will deposit an estimated $110 million in FY 2006-07. Receipts are generated from sources that include iron ore rents and royalties; timber sales on state-owned land; fees for firefighting; sales of nursery stock; cooperative agreements; merchandise and consumables sold in state parks; food, lodging and souvenirs at the Douglas Lodge complex; and sales of documents and publications.

The DNR, acting in a fiduciary capacity, manages forests and mineral resources on state lands. Proceeds from the extraction and harvest of resources generate significant revenue to the funds associated with the land classification. For example the Permanent School Trust Fund, which helps fund K-12 education, benefits from timber and mineral revenues generated on school trust lands.


Authorized spending from the Special Revenue accounts is for purposes directly related to how revenues are generated. For example, the DNR is planning to spend