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Read this important notice prior to completing a DNR electronic licensing transaction.

Collection of Private Data
Your name, addresses, date of birth, and driver’s license number collected under Minnesota Statutes, section 97A to complete a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) electronic licensing transaction are classified as private data under Minnesota Statutes, section 84.0874. You can refuse to provide this information, but without it, DNR cannot issue a license, pass, sticker, registration, or other electronic license transaction. The private data may be released to law enforcement, individuals whose work assignment requires access, and persons authorized by state or federal law or pursuant to a court order, or by your written consent. In addition, private data, other than your driver’s license number, may also be released to a government entity and for natural resource management purposes, including recruitment, retention, and training certification and verification.

Collection of Social Security Numbers
Federal and state laws require the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to collect your Social Security Number (SSN) when purchasing a DNR game and fish license. The federal law is Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, U.S.C., Title 42, section 666(a) 13. The state law is Minnesota Statutes, section 97A.482. Your SSN is private data under the Federal Privacy Act, 1974 and Minnesota Statutes, section 13.355. If you apply for a DNR license or registration and you do not have a SSN you must give us a certification that you do not have a SSN. If you do not give us your SSN or a certification, DNR cannot issue your license. The DNR is required to provide your SSN or certification to the Minnesota Department of Human Services for child support enforcement purposes. Others who may have access to your SSN include individuals whose work assignment require access and persons authorized by state or federal law or pursuant to a court order, or by your written consent.


Commercial game & fish licenses 

Fishing License

Resident & nonresident fishing licenses information & applications 

Horse Pass

All users are required to visibly carry a DNR horse pass when riding on any state trail. 


Resident & nonresident hunting licenses information & applications 


Resident & nonresident lifetime hunting and fishing license information & applications 


Hunting license lottery results 

Military Personnel / Veteran Licensing

Military Personnel and Veteran Licensing / Lottery / Safety Exemptions / Benefits 


Registration fees for all-terrain vehicles, off-road vehicles and off-highway motorcycles 

Ski pass

Minnesota ski pass & skiing information 

Permits & licenses for people with disabilities


Snowmobile registrations & permits, information & applications 

State park vehicle permit

The annual permit offers an unlimited number of visits to all 72 Minnesota State Parks and Recreation Areas for a full year from the month of purchase. 



Watercraft registrations & titles information