Hunter Walking Trails

One of Minnesota's hunter walking trails.Minnesota's primary grouse range features a number of hunter walking trails that wind their way through Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs), sometimes connecting with state forests and other public hunting lands.

These trails, most of them with signs, provide comparatively easy access to areas where small game such as grouse and woodcock may abound.

Many of the trails are gated, helping to prevent OHV access. Some have parking lots, while others simply have places to just pull off the road.

Enhancements on the trails vary. Some feature clover planted along the trail, others have forest openings that tend to attract wildlife and some are mowed annually. Many of the trails follow the courses of old logging roads.

Forests change over time as the succession of forest growth progresses. Because of this natural cycle, the forest along the trails and the wildlife that inhabit the area change with time.

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Note: All Hunter Walking Trail map data (interactive maps, PDF maps, and KML file) are updated on an annual basis and are typically published to this site in August of every year. The last map data update occurred on 8/28/17.

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