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Minnesota State Forests

• Visit Minnesota state forests for some fantastic fall color drives. Routes recommended by local DNR foresters.

• It's autumn in Minnesota! Check the fall colors around the state, upload your own photos, and take your show on the road with the Fall Colors mobile page.

Admission: Free! Do you know Minnesota is the 16th most forested state in the nation? Do you know nearly 4 million acres in 58 state forests are open to explore for free? That's right? Wherever you are, you can find a state forest nearby that's open to explore at no cost to you. No vehicle permit required.

Fire Danger Rating Map

Fire Danger Rating

State forests are here for you to use and enjoy on your schedule. No reservations are needed for state forest recreational facilities; camping is on a first-come, first-served basis. State forests also serve as a great starting point for visiting various state parks, state trails, and state canoe routes.

Protect our state forests— don't move firewood! Firewood brought into DNR state lands must be purchased within 50 miles of its origin from an approved DNR firewood vendor with a proof of purchase receipt. More information

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OHV Riding Restrictions During Deer Hunting Season

  • Use of off-highway vehicles (OHVs) on state forest OHV trails and state forest trails during firearms deer season is allowed only for deer-hunting purposes, and only within permitted times. More information