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About the DNR

About the DNR

Accessible Outdoors

Accessible Outdoors : Accessible Recreation Opportunities

Accident Reports

Incident reports - Division of Enforcement


DNR Acronyms


Adopt-a-River program

Aggregate Maps

Aggregate maps - Division of Lands & Minerals


Airphotos Online


Invasive Species in Minnesota - Aquatic


Animals of Minnesota

Annual timber harvest plans

Annual stand exam lists - Division of Forestry

Apprentice hunter validation

Apprentice hunter validation

Aquatic Invasive Species Advisory Committee

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Advisory Committee

Aquatic plant control permits

Permits to control aquatic plants - Aquatic plant guide

Aquatic plant management guide

A guide to aquatic plants- identification & management

Aquatic Plant Permit Fees

Aquatic Plant Permit Fees

Aquatic Plant Regulations

Aquatic plant regulations

Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants of Minnesota

Archery - Regulations

Hunting and trapping regulations

Archery in the Schools Grant

Archery In The Schools Grants

Archery Ranges

Shooting ranges

ArcView Resources

ArcView Resources

Area offices

Area offices



ATV Riding

OHV & ATV Riding

ATV safety

ATV safety training