Big Carnelian Lake


The lake is located 5 miles north of Stillwater on County Road No. 11.


Species Present

Walleye: average abundance, average size
Northern Pike:: above average abundance, average size but with some larger fish present
Largemouth bass: above average abundance, average sized fish
Bluegill: average abundance, average size
Crappie: average abundance, average size
Bullhead species: low abundance, larger than average size
Yellow Perch: Low abundance, small size

Boat Access

The DNR owned access is located on the west shore near the south end of the lake off County Road 11.


Shore Fishing

Shore fishing is limited to the bay near the boat access.


Special Regulation

No harvest of northern pike between 24" and 36" in total length; and only one northern pike larger than 36" in possession. The regulation is intended to increase the number of northern pike larger than 36" in the lake.


Management Plans

  1. Stock walleye fingerlings at the rate of 1.5 pounds per littoral acre annually.
  2. Special assessment in spring of 2014. Population assessment in 2018. Re-survey in 2024.


Exotic Species Alert

This lake contains rusty crayfish.



This is a nice lake with good water quality. Largemouth bass and northern pike are the primary targets of anglers here. Walleye are present average numbers. Small and average size pike are abundant, but pike as large as 42" have been sampled here. Sunfish tend to be small, but some larger fish are found. Crappie of nice size can be found, but it takes effort.

This lake is popular with ice anglers. Clear water and abundant pike would seem to make it a good lake for dark house spearing in the winter. Be cautious though, as there is a special regulation in effect on this lake prohibiting the harvest of medium sized pike.

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