Rebecca Lake


Lake Rebecca is an "oxbow" lake adjacent to the Mississippi River in Hastings.


Species Present:

Northern Pike: average abundance, average size.
Largemouth Bass: average abundance, average size.
Smallmouth Bass: low abundance, average size.
Bluegill: average abundance, average size.
Crappie: above average abundance, average size, with some larger individuals present.
Channel Catfish: average abundance, above average size.


Boat Launch:

Access to this lake is located with Lake Rebecca park operated by the city of Hastings. This lake has surface water restrictions limiting boaters to the use of electric motors only.


Shore Fishing:

The entire shoreline is in public ownership. Angling at some locations may be limited by shallow water, aquatic vegetation or overhanging trees.


Management Plans:

  1. Population assessment in 2018.
  2. Annual operation of winter aeration device by the city of Hastings.
  3. Stock channel catfish yearlings as needed to maintain population, if available.
  4. Stock NOP as needed to maintain average population abundance.



This lake was inundated by the Mississippi River during the flood in the spring of 2001. As a result, the lake contains many species normally associated with river fishing: sauger, white bass, freshwater drum (sheephead), catfish species, etc.

This lake is managed as a northern pike-crappie lake, with catfish stocked to maintain population levels and provide additional angling opportunities. This would be a nice lake to fish with a canoe. The shoreline is natural, containing an interesting natural community including an active bald eagle nest.


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