Vermillion River


The Vermillion River is the largest stream in Dakota County. It starts near Elko, travels eastward across much of the central portion of the county until it discharges into the Mississippi River downstream of Hastings. The trout stream portion of the river starts just above Cedar Ave. and ends just downstream of Highway 52 bridge.

Species Present:

Brown Trout: average abundance, a variety of sized fish present, including some real whoppers.
Rainbow Trout: lower than average abundance, average size.


There is public access to the river within Rambling River Park operated by the City of Farmington.

Additional access is available at the Miles A.M.A. located on the north side of County Road 66 east of Mn. Highway 3.

Map of the Vermillion River

Management Plans:

  1. Stock 500 yearling brown trout annually.
  2. Stock surplus rainbow trout yearlings when available.
  3. Re-survey/population assessment as needed.


This stream has a good population of brown trout. Individual trout exceeding 5 pounds have been reported from this stream. Rainbow trout have been stock occasionally to provide additional angling opportunities.
The stream is lightly fished. Access is limited to the city park in Farmington.