Lake Survey Results

Survey and Population Assessment Results - 2014

Each year the Windom Area Fisheries Office conducts full lake surveys (LS or RS), fish population assessments (PA), Winterkill Surveys (WK) and other special assessments (SA) to monitor fish populations and other non-fish lake characteristics.  Here we have preliminary netting results for your information. Click on the name of the lake to see a PDF version of the preliminary netting results. Lakes with a month in parenthesis indicate when the survey will be conducted and uploaded to the website. If you are interested in further information please contact the Windom Area Fisheries Office.




Cottonwood County

Bean Lake WK

Bean Lake PA

Bingham Lake WK

Eagle Lake WK

Eagle Lake PA

Mountain Lake PA

Talcot Lake WK

Talcot Lake PA

Jackson County

Heron Lake WK

Loon Lake WK

Pearl Lake WK

Lincoln County

Lake Shaokotan PA

West Dead Coon PA

Lyon County

Rock Lake PA

Lake Yankton PA

Martin County

Cedar Lake WK

Cedar Lake PA

East Chain Lake WK

Fox Lake PA

Perch Lake PA

Wilmert Lake WK

Murray County

Corabelle Lake PA

Fox Lake PA

Louisa Lake WK 

Lake Sarah PA

Lake Shetek PA

Lake Wilson WK

Nobles County

Indian Lake WK

Indian Lake PA

Kinbrae Lake WK

Ocheda Lake WK

Okabena Lake PA

West Graham Lake WK

West Graham Lake PA

Pipestone County


Watonwan County

Long Lake PA