Goal 1

Conservation of Minnesota's natural resources will provide a solid foundation for a strong economy, a healthy environment, and vibrant communities.

man with tractor

Minnesota has ranked in the top 5 among America's most livable states every year since 1996. Minnesota's great outdoors — its forests, wetlands, lakes, and grasslands — form the foundation for a high quality of life — a healthy environment, a viable economy, and vibrant communities. Careful management is critical to ensuring the ongoing health and well-being of the natural resources that make our state great.

Managing lands enhances their ability to provide a full range of resource values including timber and non-timber forest products, minerals, real estate, and recreation in support of a viable economy and vibrant communities.

Managing watersheds ensures they will continue to be able to provide clean drinking water and flood mitigation, in addition to supporting industry and agriculture.

Sustaining forests, grasslands, and wetlands allows them to provide essential ecosystem services, from clean air and carbon sequestration to cultural and aesthetic value to pollination services critical for many agricultural crops and native plant species.

Investments in conservation provide a high return in benefits to all Minnesotans. Continued stewardship to sustain the health of our lands, waters, and other natural resources is critical to maintaining Minnesota's high quality of life.