Goal 2

Minnesota's water resources and watersheds will be conserved and enhanced

child on beach at dusk

DNR and partners are working for a future where healthy watersheds are found throughout Minnesota. There are abundant supplies of clean water for people and nature. Aquatic ecosystems are healthy and sustainable. Fish and wildlife populations and natural communities that depend on them are adaptive and self-sustaining. People respect and appreciate the interrelationships among lands and waters.


Goal for the future envisions:

Waterways have integrity.
Natural characteristics of shorelines, aquifers, and wetlands are protected. Formerly disrupted stream flow has been restored whenever possible. Storm water is managed in ways that protect downstream resources. Point and nonpoint source pollution is minimized. Harmful invasive species have been reduced, and no new invaders are introduced.

Water resources are conserved.
Ground water and other water resources are used in a way that preserves their integrity for future generations. They are shared among recreation, residential, and commercial uses while retaining their ability to sustain natural systems. Sensitive and rare aquatic communities, such as trout streams and calcareous fens, are protected.