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Soudan Mine Quiz

Answer the following questions about the Soudan Mine. All the answers are covered either in the movie, tour, or displays

  1. When did the Soudan Mine begin operations?
  2. When did the mine close?
  3. What was the ethnic make up of many of the miners?
  4. Why did the mine abandon open pit mining in favor of underground mining?
  5. What was the highest paying job underground?
  6. What mining method was used at the mine?
  7. How old is the rock in the mine?
  8. What kind of rock surrounds the ore body?
  9. What is the name of the rock that contains the ore?
  10. How many feet underground does the elevator take you?
  11. What are the names of Minnesota's three iron ranges?
  12. How heavy is the ore?
  13. What is the big machine in the engine house?
  14. Why is the Soudan Mine a National Historic Landmark?
  15. What is a Larry car?
  16. What did the mules do?
  17. Would you like to be a miner? Why?
  18. What is iron ore used in?
  19. What were the three types of lights used in the mine?
  20. What was your interpreter's name?

High Energy Physics Lab Quiz

Answer the following questions about the High Energy Physics Laboratory. All the answers should be covered in your tour, or be found in the displays.

  1. What is a Neutrino?
  2. What is a particle accelerator?
  3. What is a detector?
  4. Why is there a mural?
  5. Why is the lab underground?
  6. Where do Neutrinos come from?
  7. Do Neutrinos change?
  8. Place the following in order by size: Neutrino, Molecule, Atom, Cell, the period after this word.
  9. Why is CDMS so cold?
  10. What is a physicist?
  11. Where does the money come from?
  12. How did they get all the materials in the lab?