2015 Minnesota DNR Roundtable

Stakeholders listen and discuss as the DNR's annual Roundtable

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources works closely with the conservation community to conserve the state’s abundant natural resources and high-quality outdoor recreation opportunities.

On Jan.16, 400 stakeholders and conservation leaders in Minnesota will gather for the Department of Natural Resources 25th annual Roundtable. The event will highlight the importance of water to people, fish, wildlife, and plants. Additional presentations and discussions will review a diverse array of important, focal resources.


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EWR Presentations

Fisheries Presentations

Wildlife Presentations

Plenary Presentations

Background information

The MN DNR Roundtable is an annual gathering of stakeholders, conservation leaders, researchers, managers, and young professionals that focuses on current issues that affect fish, wildlife, and ecological and water resources. The participants share key insights with DNR staff and receive updates on the latest trends, research and natural resource issues.

The Roundtable began in 1991 to address declines in the quality of fishing in Minnesota. Since then, the Roundtable has grown to include broader resources issues, including wildlife, plant communities, invasive species, and water resources. We have been successful working together, including developing individual lake management, addressing trespass problems, and identifying solutions in invasive species management.