Interested in working for the MN DNR?

How to apply

  • All vacancies are filled in accord with applicable union contract provisions. This means some jobs listed may not be available to all candidates until we meet our contractual requirements. However, to expedite filling DNR jobs, we will generally post jobs to comply with applicable union contracts at the same time we post to accept applications from all other applicants. In order to be considered, applicants who have contractual rights to bid may do so during the posting period using the following methods:
    1. Submit a statement of interest directly to the supervisor identified on the job posting.
    2. Email the supervisor indicating they are "bidding" for this position.
    3. Submit a web nomination/bid through the State employment webpage for the specific job posting number.
  • Many DNR jobs are filled through Resumix, a skill-matched software program used to search for qualified candidates. To be considered for these jobs, and jobs in other state agencies, go to the State Resume Builder (part of "My State Job Search" section) and follow on-line directions to create a resume. This will place your name into the employment database along with your skills and allow you to apply for specific jobs electronically. As an alternative to creating an on-line resume, you may send your resume to the Department of Employee Relations, 658 Cedar Street, 200 Centennial Building, St. Paul, MN 55155 or fax it to 651-296-8919 to be scanned into the database. Resumes will remain active for 12 months from the date submitted, or from the last date updated. Applicants may edit their resume at any time. For many jobs, the DNR will use this database to search for qualified candidates. If your skills match the job requirements, your name and resume will be referred to the hiring authority for consideration.
  • To see current job openings online go to the State Employment job posting. (Note: To find current DNR job openings, select "Natural Resources Dept" in the Department section.) If you are interested and have the required qualifications, refer to the information in the job posting regarding how to apply or what additional information may be needed. If the job posting indicates that you need to provide more information (e.g., transcript, questionnaire) or pass an exam (e.g., written, oral, demonstration,) please call the individual identified on the job posting to request consideration. Generally, we only consider applicants who meet ALL of the posted job requirements at the time the position is posted.
  • For the classifications listed below, you must apply directly to the location identified in the job posting. In addition to being posted in the State Employment Web page, these vacancies may also be advertised at other locations such as a local job service/workforce center, through a local newspaper or school. The DNR does not anticipate using the skill-based resume matching database to search for applicants for these vacancies, unless other recruitment sources have been exhausted. Therefore, if you are interested and meet the required qualifications, you must apply directly to the location identified in the posting in order to be considered.
    • Buildings and Grounds Worker
    • Food Service Worker
    • General Maintenance Worker
    • Laborer General
    • Lifeguard
    • NR Douglas Lodge Custodial Worker
    • NR Douglas Lodge Dining Room Lead Worker
    • NR Douglas Lodge Worker
    • NR Fisheries Census Clerk
    • NR Forestry Fire Response Lead
    • NR Forestry Support Dispatcher
    • NR Nursery Field Worker
    • NR Worker
    • Office Specialist
    • Parks Worker
  • Be sure to check the State Employment Web page regularly for the most updated vacancy listing. These listings can change daily.

Beyond the application

Other steps in getting a job with the DNR may include one or more of the following:

  • Written test - If the job requires job candidates to pass a written test, the test will be given before or after the interview.
  • Oral exam - If the job requires candidates to take an oral exam, candidates will be required to pass the exam to be considered for a vacancy.
  • Interview - For most professional jobs, there will be an interview with a panel of three to five interviewers who ask the same questions of each job candidate. Sometimes there is a one-on-one interview with position finalists.
  • Background check - All job offers to persons that are not currently employed by the DNR will be conditional based on successful completion of a criminal background check. Current DNR employees may need to successfully complete a criminal background check prior to appointment to certain jobs.
  • Physical/psychological exam - If a job requires job candidates to undergo a physical or psychological exam, these would be part of a conditional job offer.

On the job

  • Benefits - The State of Minnesota offers a competitive benefits package for all employees.
  • Union - The DNR has five different bargaining units (unions) and two administrative plans that cover the terms and conditions of employment. 
  • Salaries - Salaries for State of Minnesota employees are generally negotiated on a biennial basis by each of the unions. Information on salary progression is listed in the various union contracts and plans.

For more information, please visit the Minnesota Management and Budget Web site This link leads to an external site..

DNR is an equal opportunity employer