ForestView is a suite of Web applications that provide interactive map based access to a variety of DNR Forestry geographic data sets. These include forest inventory data for state-administered lands, 10-year subsection forest resource management plans (SFRMPs), and potential harvest sites from the DNR's annual stand exam lists. In addition, the SFRMP and annual stand exam list map interfaces include a method to submit public comments on proposed management actions for specific sites (i.e., stands) via online forms.

Click on any of the map interface links below to begin browsing DNR Forestry's geographic datasets.

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Instructions for using the map interfaces are available through the question-mark icon on the map interface pages.

Forest Inventory

The Forest Inventory Map Interface presents maps of DNR's forest inventory of state-administered lands, with access to detailed information for each inventoried forest stand.

For additional information regarding DNR Forestry's forest inventory program, see our Cooperative Stand Assessment page.

Subsection Forest Resource Management Plans (SFRMP)

Maps of forest stands selected for treatment in DNR's long-term forest resource management plans, with access to detailed forest inventory data, a preliminary management prescription, and the year the stand is scheduled for treatment. Public comments regarding the management of a forest stand can be submitted via a Web-based form when viewing the stand data.

•    Blufflands/Rochester Plateau SFRMP Map Interface

A Draft Plan for the Blufflands/Rochester Plateau ECS subsections in southeastern Minnesota has been prepared.  The public is invited to review the Draft Plan and stands on the 10-Year Stand Exam List and offer comments.  Comments will be accepted until February 3, 2014. For more information see the Blufflands/Rochester Plateau SFRMP page.


For more information on the SFRMP process, see our SFRMP page.

Annual Stand Exam Lists

These maps of DNR's annual stand exam lists by fiscal year (July 1–June 30) provide access to detailed forest inventory data and a preliminary management prescription for each forest stand scheduled to be visited for potential treatment. Public comments regarding the management of individual forest stands can be submitted via a Web-based form when viewing the stand data.

  • Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Stand Exam List Map Interface The forest stands displayed here are for fiscal year 2016, and include stands from which timber may be offered for sale between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016. Timber sold may be harvested immediately or up to five years after the date of sale.

The public comment period for the fiscal year 2015 annual stand exam list runs through July 17, 2015. For further information about DNR Forestry annual stand exam lists, see our annual stand exam lists page

White Pine Management Review

The annual stand exam list and SFRMP map interfaces presented above include features to facilitate the review of plans for sites that include a white pine component. To use the interfaces for this purpose:

  • Access the interface for the plan of interest through the above links.
  • In the Background section of the map legend, select the Township Guide to Sites Containing White Pine button, then click Redraw.
  • Zoom in to one of the indicated townships.
  • When you are zoomed in close enough that the Sites Containing White Pine button in the top section of the map legend becomes accessible, select it and click Redraw.
  • Sites containing a white pine component are shown on the map for your review.
  • Once the Sites Containing White Pine layer has been turned on, you can zoom out, find another township of interest, and zoom to that township; the layer will remain on and you will see the relevant sites once you are zoomed in close enough.

For additional information on DNR white pine harvest policy and text listings of affected sites, see our annual stand exam list page.