Leech Lake Management

Citizens interested in volunteering to discuss Leech Lake fish and habitat can apply to participate in the Leech Lake Fisheries Input Group. Applications must be completed by Wednesday, Dec. 31.

Input provided by this group will be used to update the Leech Lake Fisheries Management Plan for 2016 to 2020. Volunteers will give valuable stakeholder perspectives regarding important fisheries and habitat protection strategies for Leech Lake and the surrounding watershed.

Group members will meet six or seven times between February and July to cover topics including walleye and cormorant management, sportfish population objectives, habitat priorities and invasive species.

While walleye in Leech Lake are a big focus of the DNR's management efforts there, the lake also offers a wide range of fishing and other recreational opportunities that are vital to local communities, important to the Leech Lake Band and of significant value statewide.

For additional information on the Leech Lake Fisheries Input Group and the self-nomination process, contact the DNR Walker area fisheries office at 218-547-1683.