Water recreation safety

Summary of Boating Statute and Rule Changes Effective in 2014 to 2015

Statute / Rule No. Amendment Effective Date

Requirement for aquatic invasive species (AIS) course, a decal on every boat trailer and a written warning penalty for violations.

A violator of Chapter 84D regarding water related equipment, including watercraft, must complete a training course.

July 1, 2015*
*May be changed by 2015 legislature.
86B.301 A watercraft license is not required for the watercraft of a federally recognized tribal member if covered by a federally approved licensing or numbering system. January 1, 2015
169A.03, Subd. 20, 21;
169A.24, Subdivision 1
Clarifies criminal vehicular injury and homicide in the definition of prior impaired driving conviction and prior impaired driving-related loss of license and first degree DWI. August 1, 2014
169A.51 Amends when implied consent advisory is mandatory in cases involving criminal vehicular operation. July 1, 2014
169A.55 Adds conditions for reinstatement of driving privileges in cases involving criminal vehicular operation. July 1, 2014
169A.60, Subd. 18 Repeal of ‘Stop of vehicles bearing special plates. August 1, 2014