Traditional Youth Snowmobile Safety Classes

General Information

The traditional youth snowmobile safety training class is an introductory class of approximately 8 - 12 hours, designed primarily for the snowmobile rider with little or no experience in snowmobile operation. The course includes a number of classroom sessions and a hands-on operating field day.  A fee of up to $5.00 may be collected by the instructor for any fees they incur to conduct the class. Each student will also pay an on-line DNR fee of $5.00 upon completion of the course.

For general information, please call (888) 646-6367, (651) 296-6157, or (800) 366-8917, or email at

  • To have your snowmobile safety certification added to your Minnesota Driver’s License, bring your snowmobile certificate to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) when you renew your driver’s license and request them to check the box to add it as an endorsement.

Check additional info at the Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association Web site This link leads to an external site.

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Lake City

Wabasha County

Snowmobile Safety Classroom Course Class



Carver County

Snowmobile Safety Classroom Course Class


Ham Lake

Anoka County

Snowmobile Safety Classroom Course Class