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Badoura State Forest


Cass, Hubbard


Acres: 4,520

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Motor Vehicle/OHV Classification: Limited

Approved Firewood Vendors

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•Badoura State Forest is located 10 miles south of Akeley on Hwy 64.

•It near the Badoura State Forest Nursery, which was founded in 1931.

•The forest has large marshy areas intermixed with conifers (mainly jack pine). The 4,400 acres of state-owned land in this 15,360- acre forest offers many birding and hunting opportunities, including the Crow Wing Chain WMA, which is located just southeast of the state forest.

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Forest Notes

Badoura State Forest surrounds the Badoura State Forest Nursery, which consists of approximately 300 acres, with 140 acres under cultivation. Almost 50 million trees are growing at the nursery. Species produced include red pine, jack pine, white pine, white spruce, black spruce, black walnut, green ash, red oak, silver maple, and wild plum. The public is welcome to take a tour of nursery; call 218-652-2385.

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Special features

• Crow Wing Chain WMA