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Huntersville State Forest


Cass, Hubbard, Wadena


Acres: 33,963

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Motor Vehicle/OHV Classification: Limited

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•Huntersville State Forest is located in northern Wadena County about 12 miles southeast of Park Rapids. Its southern boundary can be reached from State Highway 71 by taking State Highway 227 east to County Highway 27 north. To reach its northern boundary from State Highway 87, take County Highway 25 south.

•Huntersville State Forest comprises 52 square miles of mostly red and jack pine forests with a scattering of aspen and spruce and a variety of northern hardwoods covering rolling, sandy hills.

•Two rivers, the Crow Wing River State Water Trail and the Shell River, cut through this forest. Both the Shell River and the Crow River provide many canoeing opportunities, with access ramps at the campgrounds as well as other put-in and take-out points along the river's course through the forest.

•Huntersville is only a short distance from Itasca State Park and offers a great alternative to the more developed and heavily used state park.

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Huntersville State Forest at a glance...


Canoe / Kayak

Picnic Area


Cross-Country Skiing


18 Miles Horseback

3.6 Miles Class I ATV

3.6 Miles Class II ATV

58 Miles Off-Highway Motorcycling

Temp Forest Road / OHV Closures


Huntersville Forest Landing Campground
Shell City Horse Campground
Shell City Landing Campground

Special features

• Crow River State Water Trail
• Burgen Lake Prairie WMA
• Crow Wing Chain WMA
• Huntersville wma
• Yaeger lake WMA

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