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Centennial State Forest




Acres: 3,394

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Motor Vehicle/OHV Classification: Limited

Approved Firewood Vendors

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Welcome to DNR's newest state forest—Centennial State Forest.

This land is being managed as working forest that provides for timber production, wildlife habitat and recreational activities. It maintains the integrity of a large block of habitat for white-tailed deer, black bear, timber wolf and ruffed grouse. The land also includes more than five miles of Grant-in-Aid snowmobile trails and provides expanded opportunities for hunting, fishing, paddling along undeveloped shoreline, hiking, bird watching and many other outdoor recreation activities.

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Visitor Alert:

Due to wet and warm conditions, forest roads and trails are deteriorating rapidly this spring. Many roads and trails are not firm enough to support vehicle traffic without being damaged. The temporary closures could remain in effect until sometime in May, depending on weather conditions. Note: not all roads and trails in a particular forest may be closed. Check the forest roads closures and OHV trail closures web pages before venturing out. Signs may be posted before web pages are updated. Obey all signs.

Forest Notes

At this time the DNR is completing the motor use classification for the forest as well as designating roads and trails. Because the forest is located south of US Highway 2, there are two motor use classifications the DNR may consider: limited or closed. A limited classified forest allows OHVs to operate only on roads and designated trails, whereas a closed forest does not permit OHVs on any forest roads or trails. The DNR is currently considering the limited classification for Centennial State Forest.

Planning Information

  • Meetings with the county and local townships
  • Public informational meeting on February 1, 2017 from 6-8 p.m. at the Town Hall, 3669 County 55 NE, Remer, MN, 56672, followed by a 14 day public comment period.
  • Final proposal for trail and road designation and state forest classification for motorized use will be published in the State Register.
  • Final public meeting will be held within Cass County in late April to early May 2017.

Comments received will be used to develop a draft recommendation that will be submitted to the DNR Commissioner for approval. Changes to state forest classification and road and trail designations must be made by Commissioner's order and published in the State Register.

Written comments may be submitted by email to or by mail to Joe Unger, DNR Parks and Trails at 500 Lafayette Road, St. Paul, MN, 55155-4039. The DNR will accept written comments through Wed., Feb. 15.

Additional information

Contact information

Joel Lemberg—Division of Forestry 218-947-3232
Tim Williamson—Division of Parks and Trails 218-308-2369

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5 Miles Snowmobiling

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