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Demand Reduction Measures

Public water suppliers serving more than 1,000 people are required to incorporate demand reduction measures into their water supply plan. All communities, independent of size, can benefit by adopting conservation measures that save money and protect water resources for long-term economic growth.

The statutory language and time frame, as well as guidelines for demand reduction measures, are found in Minnesota Statues, section 103G.291 subdivisions 3 and 4. Suggestions and additional information can be found in Demand Reduction Measures PDF for public water suppliers.

Demand reduction measures must be in use before requesting well construction approval from the Minnesota Department of Health or before requesting an increase in permitted volume for a water appropriation permit from the DNR. Having a DNR approved 2016-2018 Water Supply Plan fulfills the demand reduction requirement.



The third generation of Water Supply Plans now incorporates stronger conservation measures and the concept of sustainability. Sustainable water use is the use of water for the needs of society, now and in the future, without unacceptable social, economic, or environmental consequences. The potential impacts from water use must be considered when planning for development of new water sources or increased water withdrawals.


Water Conservation Funding Sources


Additional Water Resources

Below are resources from water management partners in Minnesota and at the federal level. You will find excellent information on water quality, water conservation, wellhead protections, and other materials that are beneficial to water suppliers.