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Gores Pool #3 WMA Reference Map

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Gores Pool #3 WMA

County: Goodhue
Nearest Town: Hastings
Area: 6,882 ac

Directions: 1 mile east of Hastings on 4th St., jogging to the south and east. After it turns to gravel, stay to the left.

Restrictions: There is a designated Migratory Waterfowl Refuge near the south end of North Lake which is off limits to all activities. This WMA contains a portion in the NW corner that is closed to firearms deer hunting.

Description: This WMA consists entirely of Mississippi and Vermillion River Flood Plain Forest and backwater marshes.

This WMA is located to the Mississippi River which offers many recreational opportunites like fishing or boating. There are 2 boat launches within the unit and another where C.R. 68 crosses the Vermillion River.

The purpose of this WMA is to preseve and provide recreation in a large, unbroken area of floodplain forest, as well as preserving waterfowl and furbearer habitat.

At this scale, these WMA boundaries are general, and do not accurately represent the actual legal boundaries. WMA users still need to verify public lands boundaries by observing boundary signs and contacting local DNR Wildlife offices.