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Mc Carthy Lake WMA

County: Wabasha
Nearest Town: Kellogg
Area: 3,129 ac

Directions: From Kellogg, go 4 miles SE on US Hwy 61

Restrictions: A special use permit is required for beaver trapping when allowed.

Description: Mixed upland and lowland hardwoods of oak, maple, ash, birch, cottonwood and willow. Upland fields consists of native warm and cool season grasses. Former channel of Zumbro River dissects unit and has created numerous wetlands including wild rice.

Recreation is dominated by hunting, trapping, fishing and general wildlife observations. Sandhill cranes, eagles, tundra swans and numerous shore birds may be commonly observed. The Weaver Dunes SNA is adjacent to this unit.

Management emphasis to maintain a rich, diverse interspersion of numerous communities throughout the wildlife area. Timber management, prescribed burning, nesting cover development and maintenance practices are utilized. Six parking lots exist.

At this scale, these WMA boundaries are general, and do not accurately represent the actual legal boundaries. WMA users still need to verify public lands boundaries by observing boundary signs and contacting local DNR Wildlife offices.