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Sugar Lake WMA

County: Itasca
Nearest Town: Pennington
Area: 382 ac

Directions: From Pennington, go 5.5 miles south on CSAH 39 (Scenic Highway), then 8 miles northeast on USFS Road 2671 (Third River Road), then .6 miles south on USFS Road 2939 to second gate.

Restrictions: The WMA is open to hunting, trapping, and compatible wildlife uses. Park on Third River Road if the first gate is closed; otherwise park at second gate.

Description: This WMA was established in 1983 to construct a 180 acre impoundment that created a type 4 wetland for waterfowl production and migration habitat. A stand of wild rice has been established.

Management involves manipulating water levels for optimum waterfowl habitat.

There are opportunities for trapping aquatic furbearers particularly beaver (obtain permit from manager). There are good opportunities to view wetland wildlife form the dike.

At this scale, these WMA boundaries are general, and do not accurately represent the actual legal boundaries. WMA users still need to verify public lands boundaries by observing boundary signs and contacting local DNR Wildlife offices.