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Peloquin WMA

County: Itasca
Nearest Town: Togo
Area: 322 ac

Directions: From Togo, go 10 miles south on State Highway 65, then 2.5 miles east on Link Lake State Forest Road.

Description: The Izaac Walton League initiated this 320 acre project as a memorial to Conservation Officer Louis Peloquin in the early 1950s; the project was finally completed and designated as a WMA in 1984.

Deer, grouse, black bear, fisher, wolves and birds such as ruffed grouse and warblers use the forest, while the impoundments provide habitat for muskrats, beavers, ring-necked ducks, mallards and great blue herons.

Management includes manipulating water levels to enhance habitat for waterfowl and timber harvest of the upland forest for deer and grouse. The Ruffed Grouse Society helped to establish 3 miles of hunter walking trails and a series of wildlife openings.

Regional and Area staff are proposing to drop this WMA. there will not be an Management Guidance Document completed. Itasca County and the DNR constructed 2 water control structures in 1973 and 1976 on Stony Brook to create waterfowl habitat. The north

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