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Mentor Prairie WMA Reference Map

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Mentor Prairie WMA

County: Polk
Nearest Town: Mentor
Area: 2,145 ac

Directions: From Mentor, go 1/2 mile NW on US 2

Restrictions: Please keep gates closed during grazing season.

Description: Mentor Prairie is a jewel in the WMA system. It is located in the northern portion of the Red River prairie grassland landscape, and composed of remnant tall grass prairie with minor amounts of brush and trees.

Prairie chickens use the area year-round. A Richardson's ground squirrel colony is present. Access is excellent via U.S., county, and township roads. Ample parking is provided around the unit. A walking trail is located on the east side.

The WMA is intensively managed through rotational and season-long grazing, prescribed fire, brush mowing, small clearcuts, and commercial logging. There is ample opportunity for hunting, trapping, walking, wildlife viewing, and nature photography.

At this scale, these WMA boundaries are general, and do not accurately represent the actual legal boundaries. WMA users still need to verify public lands boundaries by observing boundary signs and contacting local DNR Wildlife offices.